Why Retailers Should Add a Click-to-Text Button on Their Instagram Page

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A few years ago, Instagram introduced a new contact option for business pages that allowed them to add their phone number and invite followers to text them directly. When users click the text button, their SMS app launches with the business number automatically pre-loaded as the recipient. Shockingly, not many retailers know about or use this feature, despite the immense value it adds.

There are several possible reasons why retailers haven’t added a text option to their Instagram page:

  1. Their business phone number isn’t equipped to send and receive texts
  2. They think having a call or email button is more effective
  3. They don’t know how to set it up
  4. They don’t know what to text customers about

But all of these objections can be easily solved. Here’s how:

Text-enabling a business phone number is actually really simple if you implement a solution like Zipwhip with same-day setup and intuitive tools like multi-user functionality.

Texting is more effective than other channels

As a stand-alone communication channel, texting has higher response rates, better open rates and more conversions. In fact, businesses report a 328% increase in sales conversions when using texting to nurture relationships. Customers prefer to text you – let them.

It’s easy to set up on Instagram

Follow our instructions on how to add your business number to your Instagram account. It’s easy and fast.

  • Switch to a Business Profile (if you haven’t already)
  • Click Edit Profile
  • Choose Contact Options
  • Select your phone number
  • Click Text under “How would you like to be reached?”

Your customers want to text you, so the conversations will come naturally. As soon as you add a text button and notify your followers about the addition, you should start seeing an influx of messages.

Here are just a few ways customers might engage with your retail store via text:

  • Checking inventory of sizes, colors and styles at different locations
  • Inquiring about store hours
  • Asking questions about the material, ingredients or fit of an item
  • Requesting the direct link to a product they saw in a post
  • Giving feedback on their customer experience

phone showing texting conversation from a retail store to customer

Texting gives customers a fast, easy way to engage with your business. They don’t have to wait on hold, can respond on their own time and seamlessly switch over to voice call if necessary. It’s the most convenient way for your customers to get in touch directly with your store.

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