Video: How to Let Customers Know They Can Text You

Front desk sign says "Text us"

You’ve decided on texting-for-business software. You’ve invested your time and added it to your strategy. You know two-way text messaging is the preferred form of customer communication, and you’re ready to engage.

Now, how do you let customers know they can text you?

In this episode of ZipTV, Zipwhip’s chief marketing officer, Scott Heimes, discusses five easy and effective ways businesses can promote their new texting ability.

Marketing opportunities include:

  • Featuring the option to text throughout your website with Zipwhip’s Click-to-Text button
  • Leveraging your email signatures to raise awareness
  • Utilizing your existing print, digital and social media advertising strategies

Watch below for more from our CMO.

Further Reading:

Scott mentioned using flyers and social media to encourage customers to text your business. To help get you started, we created a flyer template and social media template that you can download and customize to fit your marketing strategy.

For more ideas on marketing your texting capabilities, check out our free e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers.

Interested in gaining more data insights from call-tracking for better marketing and customer reach? Take a look at how you can integrate Telmetrics with Zipwhip’s software.

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