You’ve decided on Texting for Business software. You’ve invested your time and added it to your strategy. You know two-way text messaging is the preferred form of customer communication, and you’re ready to engage.

Now, how do you let customers know they can text you?

In this episode of ZipTV, Zipwhip’s chief marketing officer, Scott Heimes, discusses five easy and effective ways businesses can promote their new texting ability.

Watch below for more from our CMO.

Video Transcript:

Keith: Idea number…

Keith & Scott: Five? (Laughs)

(Music Intro)

Keith: Hello, and welcome to another episode of ZipTV. I’m Keith, and joining us today is one of our resident Textperts—

Scott: Scott Heimes.

Keith: We’ve invited you in to talk to us about how businesses can promote the fact that they communicate with customers via their preferred channel, business texting. But first off, why is that important?

Scott: Well, if your business has made the investment to open up a texting channel to communicate with your prospects and your existing customers, you want to make sure your customers are aware of it.

Keith: Yeah.

Scott: Right. It’s also a great opportunity to educate about the kinds of things they can text you about.

Keith: How should a business approach getting out the word about their texting for business program?

Scott: Well, businesses have to think about their specific use cases and where their customers are. And you really need to customize your strategy for promoting your business texting program based on the different types of communication that you’re doing with customers. Make sure they line up in smart ways.

Keith: You have a bunch of ideas for us here, so let’s go!

Scott: So, number one: On your website, every time you talk about contacting your business, make sure you make it clear that customers can text you.

So, every time you have a phone number, put “You can text or call this number.” We also have a Click to Text button that you can integrate right into the website and allow customers to text you, right from your website. And you can even automate the response and track their behavior.

Keith: Cool. It looks like this! (Points up to Zipwhip’s Click-to-Text button) Idea number two:

Scott: Everybody’s got an email program in their marketing mix, so make sure that you make it clear that customers can text you in your email signature. So, when you talk about “call” also make sure they can “text” you as well at this number.

Keith: Yeah.

Scott: Right, and then if you’re doing an email newsletter or promotional emails, even alerts or reminders, just drop it in at the bottom. Make sure that they’re aware that they can text you at this number, too.

Keith: Just like a phone number or a website.

Scott: That’s right.

Keith: Idea number three:

Scott: Well, make sure it’s part of your advertising campaigns. Whether you’re running a digital campaign, a print campaign, live in-person event or some sort of targeted ABM model, promote the fact that you can text or call your number every time.

And think about using tracking solutions like a call tracking service from a partner like ours—like Telmetrics—to identify where people are texting in from your campaign so you can get a clearer sense of return on investment.

Keith: Idea number four:

Scott: Everybody’s got a social media strategy today.

Keith: Yes.

Scott: Insert the fact that customers can text you in your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram efforts. And don’t forget to include it in videos, like this one, as a text overlay.

Keith: Number five:

Scott: If you have a physical location where customers can come into, like a retail store or some other place that customers are frequently coming in, use signage and printed materials to alert them to the fact they can text or call you.

So put it on a front desk sign. Put it in the parking lot. Make business card holders that have “Text Us” as a call to action to it, right? Put it on the floor if you want to.

Keith: There’s a banner! There’s tape. There’s—

Scott: OK.

Keith: OK.

Scott: One other thing, Keith.

Keith: Yeah?

Scott: I want to let folks know that there are downloadable templates for signage and social media images, as well as other cut and paste marketing resources in our new, free e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers.

Keith: Cool. There’s a link to that right here. See you next time!

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