Integrate Texting into SalesLoft and Improve Sales Engagement

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If you’re using texting solely as a prospecting tool, you’re missing out on the most effective way it can be used: developing sales relationships. Conversational texting is a largely overlooked benefit to integrating texting into your sales cadence, yet it’s one of the most important. In fact, texting should be largely used for engaging and improving these connections, not marketing.

That’s why we’re excited to share our new Zipwhip SalesLoft integration. By incorporating texting into your existing SalesLoft cadence, your team can easily track conversations with prospects, clients, and customers. This integration means users can send outbound SMS and MMS text messages directly from within SalesLoft – saving time and resources. Incorporating another communication channel into SalesLoft cadences allows prospects the option to communicate on a whole new channel.

Why you should incorporate texting into your sales cadence:

  • Improve relationships through conversational texting and communicating the way your connections prefer to be contacted.
  • Qualify prospects by sending personalized texts and inviting conversation around the contact’s needs.
  • Cross-channel collaboration allows you to follow up on phone calls with text messages.
  • Multi-device and multi-user functionality enables your team to organize and track all customer touchpoints in your CRM.
  • Use your existing business phone number so sales reps don’t have to use their personal devices. Zipwhip activates existing landlines, VoIP’S and toll-free phone numbers.
  • Have more control over communication to ensure compliance and employee standards.
  • Accelerate the sales cycle with faster response times and real-time conversations. Roughly 95% of sellers believe text messaging speeds up the sales process.

How to start using a texting sales integration:

  • Establish your voice and tone. Since texting is conversational by nature, your texts should reflect that.
  • Never text without an established connection. Unless you’ve already had a conversation or have a reason to text someone, you should never be “cold texting” prospects. This comes across as spammy.
  • Text at the right time. A Velocify study found texting at the right time in the sales process can increase conversions by more than 100%.
  • Let prospects text you. Marketing your business number as Text or Call will increase the likelihood that prospects will reach out to you the way they want to; by text. Many Zipwhip users add Click to Text icons on their websites and email signatures, so prospects can simply click to text on their cell phone or from their computers.

When you should use texting with your sales software:

  1. Timely news: “Hi John. Don’t forget to order your season tickets. Prices increase tonight!”
  2. When you’re going to call: “Emily – I’m excited about our call at 2 p.m. Are you still available to chat in five minutes?”
  3. When you’re running late: “Hello Nathan. Terrible traffic! I will be there in ten minutes. My apologies.”
  4. Quick reminders: “Jeremy! I noticed you haven’t re-reordered season tickets yet this year. Don’t forget to do that before prices increase on Friday!”

All in all, texting can be an incredibly versatile sales tool. Combine Zipwhip with SalesLoft, and you’ll see dramatic results quickly.

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