Are You Spamming Your Customers? Take this Quiz to Find Out!

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There’s nothing more annoying than spam. From junk emails to robocalls, consumers are inundated with fraudulent messages every day. Unfortunately, spam is a nuanced science, and even some of the most well-intended communicators fall prey to spam-like tendencies.

At Zipwhip, we work with some of the largest brand names to assure traffic deliverability. Our robust team of in-house spam and fraud experts helps our customers navigate text messaging programs successfully. We help our customers facilitate more conversations, grow their businesses and protect their reputations. We are dedicated to preserving the integrity and purity of the text messaging medium.

So, how do you know if you’re unintentionally spamming your customers? Answer these 10 questions, and we’ll tell you how spam-savvy you are. It’s never too late to learn, so be sure to circulate this quiz with anybody on your team who uses texting in business communication. You might be surprised by the results.

We recommend checking out our blog and our TCPA handbook to learn more about spam and general texting best practices.

Understanding Your Quiz Results

Expert (8-10 out of 10)

Congrats! You’re a spam savant! Are you ready to make the switch from short codes to toll-free texting? Start a free trial of Zipwhip today.

Competent (5-7 out of 10)

Great work! This was a tough test, and you got the majority of the questions correct. There’s definitely room for improvement though, so make sure you review our blog to brush up on texting best practices. You got this!

Novice (0-4 out of 10)

Oops! That’s not an awesome score. But we’ve got good news for you: you are not alone. Spam is such a tricky, nuanced menace that even the most well-versed communication professionals don’t understand it at times. We encourage you to visit our Resource Center and check out this white paper on TCPA best practices. We believe in you!

If you’re not yet texting with Zipwhip and want to explore our convenient features, now’s the time. Start a free trial today!

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