At Zipwhip, we believe in landline texting. However, we realize the concept of “landline texting” is a head scratcher — it evokes mental images of standing over a vintage phone, hopelessly spinning the dial, hoping for a text. We get it… we’re used to educating people that texting on landline, VoIP, and toll free phone numbers is not only possible, but much easier than they expected!

How do you text-enable a landline?

Most people are accustomed to both voice and text routing to the same mobile device, and think they’re linked together. In reality, the voice and text networks for wireline numbers are managed independently.

This means that the landline itself does not receive the text, but rather the phone number itself. The phone number functions as an address that leads to two different destinations.  Voice calls are still sent to the landline phone, but text messages are routed to Zipwhip’s software.

Before Zipwhip, these messages simply went into a void, never to be seen or read. That’s what we mean when we say we are the world’s first text carrier.

Zipwhip has direct binds with the tier-1 carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) and our agreements allow us to text-enable most business numbers, assigning the text routing to our SPID (Service Provider Identifier). We validate that the owner of the number has given us permission to act as their text message provider. We then provision the number, so you can start texting. This process ensures safety and takes less than an hour.

Before Zipwhip, these messages simply went into a void, never to be seen or read.

Aren’t landlines outdated?

Curly cords and rotary dials are outdated, but the functionality of a landline number remains. Many business have had exclusive rights to their number for years, and are hesitant to give up that brand equity they have invested in their landline.

Personal cell phones provide texting, but lack the multi-user features and productivity tools that businesses need to scale. Zipwhip fills a very important niche, and when it comes to texting on your existing phone number – there’s no market comparison.

At the end of the day, though, Zipwhip’s goal is bigger than resurrecting the landline. We’re on a mission to make every business phone number textable – doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, insurance agents, and many more – so you don’t have to wait on hold.

In the future, there’s no waiting on hold.

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Will there be any hidden fees on my phone bill?

No. Zipwhip works as an add-on to any existing non-wireless phone number, which means a business can upgrade its existing phone number without contacting or interrupting their voice service provider.

Is there anything I need to install?

No. We provide everything you need the moment you sign up.

We offer a web, desktop, and mobile apps to access your messages wherever you are. Zipwhip comes ready to use, with no hardware to buy, no upfront investment, and no recruiting software developers. All you have to do is log in to the Zipwhip website and send a message. It’s intuitive for even the least tech-savvy of users.

Here at Zipwhip, we’re used to explaining what we do to friends and family. We’re also used to getting a few eyebrow raises, because “landline texting” is a new concept. But we live for that moment when their eyes light up and they recognize that Zipwhip makes it possible for consumers to reach out to businesses via text as naturally as they do with their friends and family.



Zipwhip is the productivity tool that lets businesses and customers text each other. Zipwhip text-enables your existing (landline, VoIP, or toll free) business number. With direct connections to tier 1 carriers, Zipwhip is the trusted, scalable solution to business texting.