How Businesses Can Send a Link in a Text Message

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Businesses may wonder if they can include a link in a text message they send to customers. The answer is yes. But how do they get a link into their text? It’s simple, as the text conversation below illustrates. Just type the URL of the website into the message field. If using business texting software and typing from a laptop or desktop computer, the sender can copy and paste the link into the text window or type it directly.

Text conversation with link

However, there are some best practices that should be followed when sending a text with a link to ensure the message isn’t marked as spam. If a link seems suspicious, phone carriers may flag the message and not send it. To reduce the risk of this happening, Zipwhip provides tools to help businesses maintain compliance while still engaging in conversational text messaging with customers. Our carrier-integrated spam and phishing monitoring system ensures that messages get to their intended recipients while preventing spam from getting through. To learn more, read about our industry-leading tools for SMS security & compliance.

Best practices for sending a link in a text

1. Include the full URL in your text message.
Don’t use a URL shortener tool. They’re frowned upon by phone carriers and have a higher likelihood of being flagged as spam or fraudulent. Some URLs might seem a bit long since customers are being directed to a specific page on your website rather than your home page. Don’t worry, the goal is to take customers directly to the location where they can find the information they need. You can read about Zipwhip’s expanded character count below.

2. Always use your branded URL when adding a link to a text.
By identifying the link you send, rather than an unknown web address or shortened URL as noted above, the customer will have confidence that the link will take them to a trusted location. It also increases engagement and the click-through rate. Seeing your company’s name in the URL gives them confidence that they’ll find the information they’re seeking.

3. For links that you share often, create a template to speed up the workflow.
Do many of your customers ask for the same information, such as your business hours, location, parking options and service fees? By creating a template with a short message and link to a particular page on your website, it will make sharing that information faster and easier than typing a new message each time. Below is an example of a business that has multiple templates ready to send with a link already included in the text.

Templates with link

4. Add the link to the bottom of your text.
Putting a link in a text may affect the formatting of your message. Some smartphones will add extra line spacing around links which could affect how the message is displayed. By putting the link at the end of the message it makes this less noticeable.

Character count matters when using SMS to send text links

Some links can take up a lot of space within a text message, depending on the length of the URL you include. Zipwhip is the only texting-for-business provider that allows up to 600 characters in SMS messages. A standard text message is limited to 160 characters, but our expanded character count provides businesses more freedom and flexibility when communicating with customers.

The additional characters are especially useful when sending a link within a text. Depending on the length of the URL that is included, having additional characters means a business doesn’t have to shrink their message to make room for one or more links.

Communicate with customers faster with business texting

Our 2020 State of Texting report found that 77% of consumers use texting more than other messaging tools, making it a high-priority medium. But there’s more to texting than just speed and convenience, especially when communicating with customers.

Business texting software includes tools that increase productivity for individuals and teams. Features such as Templates (mentioned above), Group Messages, Auto Replies and Scheduled Messages can reduce repetitive daily tasks, improve the overall workflow and help businesses share information with customers quickly and easily.

To learn more about the benefits of SMS and MMS texting, download our free e-book: The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers. It contains everything companies need to know to develop their own successful business texting strategy.

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