How Texting Services for Nonprofits and Organizations Benefit Our Community

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Often in the news, we hear about the negative effects of texting such as distracted driving. We never hear about why texting is good for society. Texting actually has the power to change lives when it helps connect communities with the resources they need in a safe and easy format.

In this segment by Take 5, KING 5’s newest show, they share the stories of how Zipwhip provided a text messaging service for nonprofits and other organizations that benefit the community.


Michelle: You know on Take 5 you can text us every day because of a company called Zipwhip, you’ve heard that name before. But chances are you could be using their services at any of your favorite businesses or even charities. So, we wanted to show you how people are benefiting from Zipwhip in everyday life.

Deborah: My name’s Deborah, I’ve been here (Elliott Bay Animal Hospital) for 16 and a half years. So, we started with Zipwhip a couple of years ago. Hey, don’t forget Stevie has an appointment on Monday. Texting is so quick and so fast, and when you have pets under anesthesia, you need answers. You can’t leave messages and play phone tag.

Kelly: This is Stevie, she’s a girl, not a boy. She’s five years old, she has her own Instagram handle.

Well, I’m always in meetings throughout the day. Sometimes back-to-back meetings or phone calls, and they used to call me and I just can’t take phone calls during those meetings. They can just text from their computer, and then I receive the message on my cell phone, saying, “Stevie’s food’s ready.” Then I can text them back saying, “Thanks, I’ll be there at six.”

When you think about it, it’s pretty impactful.

Seth: It’s an incredible, incredible gift.

So, I’m Seth Kirby, I’m the executive director here at Oasis Youth Center. Oasis is a place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth and young adults.

We’ve had youth over the years tell us that just being able to be here and connect with other people like them is really lifesaving. The main communication mode for this age group is texting. They don’t have to call us if they don’t have minutes on their phone, and we can also then immediately send back resources or work together by text on an action plan so that they can take the next steps.

Michelle: Again, Zipwhip works with a number of non-profits and crisis lines all across the country as well. If you missed it, for groups like Oasis, they give that service for free. So high five to them, we really appreciate that. They also have another project in the works with grad students and the homeless right here in Seattle, and one day we hope to give you an update on that as well, but-

Yeah, so you think you’re just texting us, but I mean Zipwhip is all out doing good stuff.

Angela: I love that. I mean, obviously you need to make money as a business, but when you’re able to give, able to just do some good. I think that’s heartwarming.

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