Zipwhip Celebrates World Photo Day!

Happy World Photo Day!

Today commemorates the day photography’s patent – the daguerreotype process – was famously gifted to the world by France. Developed by Joseph Niépce and Louis Daguerre in 1827, the technique used a copper plate coated with silver iodide, fumed with mercury vapor and fixed by a solution of salt to create a permanent image.

After hundreds of years of innovation and technological advancements, we no longer need mercury and salt to capture moments. More recently, we no longer need gallery ambitions or a family album to fill either. With the rapid rise of mobile phones and their built-in cameras, people now use photography as a way to communicate in real-time.

Whether it’s flaunting a fancy meal to friends or confirming the exact brand of detergent at the grocery store your wife requested, texting photos is the easiest way to say more with less.

But did you know businesses and consumers regularly text each other pictures, too? Instead of filling out forms, patients just snap a picture of their insurance cards and let medical offices do it for them. Insureds text photos of damages to their provider within minutes of accidents to get claims started immediately.

There are endless use cases for texting photos, but the best will always be giving our friends and family a taste of what we’re currently experiencing. We asked our employees to text us photos of what they’ve been up to this summer. Here’s what we received.

Tom Hanny: At the top of Mt. Adams with the remains of my English Bulldog Chopper (orange box). He never got to go on any hikes because he was not built for it. Wanted to make sure he got to the view.

My new pup Archer enjoying the beach.

Stand up paddling at Green Lake.

Natalie Schwab: The pandemic and our new work-from-home situation gave me the push I needed to finally get a pet. Last week, we adopted Jimi (Jim, James) from Seattle Humane! He’s a playful kitten who enjoys playing fetch with his mouse, sticking his paws in his water bowl and biting my toes while I try to work from the kitchen table.

Backpacking has been a huge escape for us lately. Here’s a view of the North Cascades from Sahale Glacier Camp. It’s the highest established camp in the North Cascades at 7,600 ft. and has some of the best panoramic views around!

Matthew Gomes: Hiking with the fam!

Matt Bruhn: Zipwhip bike rides around West Seattle (Island)!

Work buddies live in Snohomish, West Seattle, and Portland? Let’s meet for golf in DuPont!

Chris Bucy: What I have been up to this summer, is simply enjoying the true beauty that our state offers. These constant adventures began once I was able to fully recover from my broken ankle. I am a huge advocate for the great outdoors with my photography and it has been a huge motivational factor towards my life and work at Zipwhip. Down below are a series of photos that I captured or partook in.

Keena Bean: This was one of a family of seven goats that spent the weekend at a campsite with us in the North Cascades – everyone kept their distance!

Jeff Wilson: The summer of brotherly love!

Nitin Bhandari: Spent the summer training for thru-hiking the Enchantments (20 miles) in a day. The first 2 pictures are from the training over the prior weeks, at Mailbox peak and Granite mountain. The last picture is from August 14, 2020 at the top of Aasgard pass, in the Enchantments itself. This experience definitely stretched my physical and mental limits.

Cari Egashira: My fiance and I adopted a puppy! Her name is Emiko, rescue pup from Texas. We’ve had her for one month, and she is about four months old now. A very cuddly way for us to spend our summer.


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