Now Available: Send Text Messages to Groups of Up to 100 Contacts

100 Contacts per Group Message

We’re excited to announce a big change to our Group Messaging feature: Zipwhip customers can now send text messages to groups of up to 100 contacts.

The change comes by popular demand from our customers who have told us loud and clear that reaching only 50 contacts at a time wasn’t enough for their communication needs. For months, we’ve been working on making the limit increase a reality, and we’re thrilled to finally make it available to all Zipwhip customers.

Where is the update available?

You can access the new Group Messaging update on our web, desktop and mobile applications.

How this change benefits your customer communication

Reach more of your customers, clients or prospects at one time. The ability to send a single text message to more contacts at once will let you do more in less time.

This can be especially helpful throughout the COVID-19 outbreak as it is likely that your business has been keeping customers informed with company updates and alerts in this fast-changing environment.

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Whether you’re reaching customers about updated business hours, changes in safety procedures or even sending out a coupon code to help increase sales, a larger Group Messaging size will help your teams save time with a single text.

Using Group Messaging with other Zipwhip features

We’re all about maximizing efficiency when it comes to customer communication. That’s why we’ve built Zipwhip features to work together when it’s most needed:

Templates. It’s common to repeatedly send standard messages to customers. Create reusable templates so you can quickly send consistent messages to groups. Use these copy-and-paste examples to get started with our Templates feature.

Scheduled Messages. Stay on top of operational messages like reminders and updates. Compose a group message and schedule it to be sent at a later time. Read about how Wittichen Supply Company in Birmingham, Alabama uses Scheduled Messages with Group Messaging to better manage their weekly delivery routes.

Dynamic Fields. Even when you’re sending a single text to the same group of people, custom fields let you personalize each message with a customer’s contact information, such as their name or customer support case number. Watch this tutorial to learn more.

How can my business use a larger Group Messaging feature?

Businesses of any size and in any industry will find that reaching a larger group of contacts at once is beneficial to their communication goals. Here are a few examples:

Marketing and promotions for professional sports teams. Organizations such as Sports Spurs and Entertainment have used texting to diversify engagement with fans. Group Messaging has helped them reach season ticket holders more efficiently, for example.

Announcements for schools, universities and other educational institutions. Whether a teacher is alerting an entire class about a schedule change or faculty and staff need to update students about campus safety procedures, Group Messaging is a great tool to ease outreach. Read how Multnomah University uses texting and Group Messaging across departments.

Marketing and sales for retail. Texting is a preferred way to receive discounts, coupons and the like from retailers. Gather a list of opt-ins and separate customers into groups to receive weekly deal announcements, exclusive offers, loyalty coupons and more.

Internal communication for real estate. Stay in touch with team members out in the field without the need for phone calls or using personal phone numbers. Read how Entrust Property Solutions uses texting software to reach team members when they’re out of the office showing properties to prospects.

Learn more about how Zipwhip works or start a free trial today.

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