First Google AdWords click-to-text campaign generates 265% increase in CTR

GeoMoment, a Zipwhip partner focused on digital strategy and engagement, recently launched their new SMSAD offering to unite online advertising tools like Google Adwords with Zipwhip’s landline and toll free texting platform. The end result is an offering that enables consumers to click on a Text Us Now link to seamlessly kick off a conversation with an actual representative from the advertising business, all on their existing business sales lines. In the first 60 days of trial, GeoMoment and their customer Warren Henry Automotive Group reported a 265% increase in click-through-rates on AdWords when changing the call-to-action from placing a phone call to sending a pre-canned message to text with a dealership representative. Furthermore, GeoMoment reported a 400-500% increase on traditional non-AdWords banner ads when adding the call-to-action for texting.
The details of the experience are as follows: When a consumer on their mobile phone enters a term into a search engine such as Google, GeoMoment embeds a hyperlink within clients’ AdWords display ads with the call-to-action “Text Us Now.” When the consumer clicks on the link from their smartphone, their native messaging app opens, and the business’s landline or toll free number and message body is auto-filled. The consumer only has to tap send, and the text is routed through Zipwhip and appears on the business’s computer. From Zipwhip applications, business representatives compose personalized replies. Marketing and advertisement channels can now leverage businesses’ existing phone number to become a point of text message engagement.

Peter Quinones, Internet and E-commerce Manager of Warren Henry, saw a missed opportunity to connect with prospects. Previously using a short code to send automated texts from a 5-digit code, Peter expressed the desire to allow people to live text with his staff from their advertised toll free number. When the idea was brought to GeoMoment, Zipwhip was brought in to leverage their existing phone number to ensure a seamless messaging experience with the same voice line that is promoted on a local level. Likewise, the rate of mobile handsets equipped with Caller ID continues to grow which means it’s becoming increasingly more important to keep as much traffic on the main number that is pointed to your business so that Caller ID works properly. “The future of customer engagement is a dialogue, rather than a monologue. With text messaging being the preferred means of communication for almost every consumer, opening a two-way SMS communication channel on a business’s existing phone number is turning out to be more important than previously thought,” says Anthony Link, Co-Founder and CEO of GeoMoment.
Customers have more power at their fingertips than ever before and more channels to interact with businesses. Text messaging is becoming an important feature for consumers looking to find information and make purchase decisions. Consumer statistics support this; according to a 2014 Harris Pole survey about text messaging and customer service, 44% of consumers would prefer to press a button to initiate a text conversation rather than wait on hold to speak with a business representative.* It’s clear from GeoMoment and Warren Henry Automotive that driving 2-way texting dialogue should still be a priority for businesses in every industry to help mobile advertisers get in touch by attaching click-to-text extension to their online advertisements. “Why anyone continues to use email if their open rate is that low comparative to text is beyond me. This is the future, it’s our duty to embrace it, not fear it,” says Peter.

“The High Demand for Customer Service via Text Message”
-Harris Pole 2014

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