How Zipwhip Makes it Easy to Get Started with Business Texting

There could be plenty of reasons why your business has yet to sign up for business-texting software.

Maybe you’re unsure if your customers will want to text your business or you’re concerned about having to manage another communication channel. Or quite simply, you just don’t have the budget or the time in your packed schedule to go through the rigmarole of getting your business and team set up with a new tool.

We have plenty of data to assuage your first two concerns. As for the third? If you can set aside 10 minutes, you can text enable your existing business phone number and start texting your customers right away, no rigmarole or high price tag required.

Getting started with business-texting software isn’t the big to-do you may think it is or as expensive if you choose Zipwhip. Here’s how we do it.

We text enable your existing business phone number

Zipwhip doesn’t require you to get a separate phone number to text your customers, which saves time when getting you set up with business texting. We text-enable your existing landline, VoIP and toll-free numbers (due to our close relationship with mobile carriers) for two reasons.

First, when offering a texting option to customers, it’s best to use the same phone number you already have. Acquiring a second number not only takes more time and adds expense, but it also creates a disjointed experience for customers by giving them two separate phone numbers to contact you – one to call and one to text. Don’t confuse your customers; let them text you on the same phone number they already know to call.

Second, your phone number is a part of your brand. Many businesses have exclusive rights to their number and don’t want to give up the brand equity they’ve invested in it. With Zipwhip, you can keep the same phone number your customers already associate with your business.

Text-enabling your existing phone number lets you get started with business texting fast, and Zipwhip can get you started almost immediately. After we verify your phone number, we can enable texting instantly.

Start texting for free, then as low as $19 a month

Start texting customers with a two-week free trial of Zipwhip. When your trial ends, you can join us on a monthly or annual basis with various texting plans based on your business needs.

Small and medium businesses that want to start with the basics of texting, can use Zipwhip for as low as $19 a month with an annual contract or $25 a month when signed on month to month.

We keep our prices low, in part, because we believe that every business should be able to text their customers. Setting up your phone number to text shouldn’t require additional hardware and should be a seamless addition to your existing communication tools. We’re only adding to your setup, not overhauling.

Get started in only 10 minutes

Our new checkout process makes it easy to get started without the need to talk to a sales representative. Just provide a few details about yourself and your business to get up and running with Zipwhip in as little as 10 minutes.

Visit our pricing page to sign up now and download our free e-book The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers to learn the ins and outs of how to best use texting for business with your audience.

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