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We’re pleased to announce Zipwhip Reports, a new feature that displays your business text messaging traffic totals and trends. Zipwhip Reports is a simple, visual tool to view your inbound and outbound traffic data in order to better manage your texting communications. Best of all, it’s free to all current Zipwhip users!

Using Reports

To access the Reports dashboard, log in to Zipwhip. On the Profile Menu, click the “Reports” tab to open the Reports dashboard. Note: For multi-user accounts, all data is at the account level; analytics for individual users is not available at this time.

The dashboard is broken down into three sections: 
Report Filters & Overview-
You can filter your report according to daily, weekly, or monthly totals. The overview shows the number of inbound, outbound, and total messages for the selected filter.
Activity Graph-
Your message data is then displayed in a simple chart to show you your daily totals. Totals include Picture Messages and replies sent from advanced features like Auto Reply and Keywords.
Detailed Breakdown-
Texts are segmented into hourly, daily, and weekly intervals. The interval used depends on the selected report filter. The table allows you to monitor spikes in engagement for deeper understanding of your audience.

Reports is available to all Zipwhip customers. For feedback about how we can improve our features, please email us at

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