Free Download: The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers

The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers

Relying solely on phone calls and emails to reach consumers isn’t effective anymore. Consumers are telling us loud and clear that text messaging is their preferred way to communicate: 73% of consumers say they wish more businesses would text them.

If your business hasn’t incorporated texting into its communication strategy, it’s time to shift gears and get started. We know how overwhelming it can be to begin: What tool is right for your business? What kind of texts should you send? How is business texting different from texting friends or family?

There are plenty of things to consider before adopting texting for business so that’s why we created a comprehensive texting e-book to guide you through the process. Our free guide includes:

    • Questions to ask yourself when choosing a business-texting service
    • What is the TCPA and why it should matter to your business
    • Tips on proper texting etiquette
    • Letting your customers know they can text your business
    • And much more to ensure an easy transition into business texting

We took the guesswork out of planning and provide the information you need to text your customers the right way. Be among the first to read our new guide by downloading it today! And we’d love to hear your feedback; don’t be shy and tag us on social media with your thoughts.

Find your free guide here.

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