Free E-Book: Why Your Customers Don’t Answer the Phone Anymore (and what you can do about it)

zipwhip ebook "Why Your Customers Don't Answer the Phone Anymore" read on tablet

Ever wondered why your customers aren’t answering your calls? Are you almost positive that your voicemails are disappearing into the void as fewer and fewer people call back?

It’s not just you. And unfortunately, it’s not just that particular customer or a run of bad luck.

Consumer behavior is evolving. More people are finding calls to be disruptive, or even anxiety-inducing.

But just how many people feel anxious about talking on the phone? What percentage of consumers actually find phone calls disruptive? And more importantly, what can your business do about it?

We collected some data to get the answers.

Zipwhip surveyed over 500 consumers on phone behavior, gathering insightful data on their phone behavior—specifically about talking on the phone. We wanted to know how they feel when talking on the phone and what factors go into their decisions to take or reject a call.

It turns out, 96% of consumers find phone calls disruptive, and 77% of respondents reported experiencing some form of phone anxiety.

Now that we have the data and a better understanding of consumer preferences, we’re ready to help businesses break past the radio silence and reach their customers more effectively.

We took our findings and compiled them into an easy-to-read, downloadable e-book to showcase our research. Now you can see the choice-factors consumers use when rejecting phone calls and the words they used to describe their side of business communication. We even consulted a social scientist who shared insights into why so many people experience phone anxiety and why they prefer texting.

This e-book will dive into the consumer behaviors of phone aversion, providing guidance and tips on how you can reach your customers more effectively.

This free e-book includes:

  • The Top 5 reasons that consumers don’t answer the phone when you call
  • Statistics that reveal how people perceive and react to phone calls
  • A social scientist’s view on why phone anxiety is on the rise
  • Steps you can take to reach more customers (and actually have them respond)
  • And more!

Check out the numbers for yourself and start connecting with your customers by leveraging the communication method they prefer.

Download your e-book today!

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