How the Dental Industry is Using Landline Texting

dentist texting
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Dentists and their patients are embracing landline texting.

A popular communication tool, Zipwhip lets dental offices connect better with patients by sending and receiving text messages on existing landline and toll free numbers. Why text? Texting is an effective solution to avoid missed phone calls and unheard voicemails. Patients want to text the number they usually are forced to call.

Zipwhip is simple to use. We allow dental offices to send personalized text messages to a patient’s cell phone. When a patient replies to the text, a message appears on the office computer or the text can be seen on Zipwhip’s mobile apps. It doesn’t matter how you choose to get the message, your customers can simply respond on their mobile phones using their standard messaging app, the same way they text with friends and family. Landline texting requires no new equipment, and you can stay with your current landline or toll free service provider.

Once Zipwhip is set up, you can manage your contacts list and take advantage of various productivity tools such as scheduling reminders, creating groups, and adding images to outbound texts.

Scheduled Texting

A text message can be set to send to one recipient, multiple recipients, or a group at a specific date and time.

How is scheduled texting being used?

Group Texting

Text messages can be sent to up to 50 contacts and go out as blind carbon copy. Recipients will not be able to see what other recipients received or replied to the message.

How is group texting being used?

  • Contacting waiting list if they have a cancellation.
  • Collecting payment or patient information.
  • Alerting people of outdated insurance information.

Picture Texting (MMS)

Zipwhip is the first texting solution to allow landline and toll free phone numbers the ability to send and receive text messages with wireless users.

How is picture texting being used?

  • Sending younger patients “Happy Teeth” instructions.
  • Providing images of gums or problem areas.
  • Delivering payment receipts or appointment estimates.
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