Why Credit Unions Who Adopt Texting Get More Value from Zipwhip

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when learning something new like business texting. But once credit unions master the basics, they’re ready to learn about more options.

When comparing apples to apples, most texting providers offer many of the same features and texting tools that credit unions look for to improve member engagement, accelerate the lending process, reach unresponsive customers and improve the overall experience for members and employees.

Going beyond the basics of texting

Zipwhip’s Customer Success teams help organizations go beyond the basics by offering exceptional personal service. Credit unions that meet a certain investment level receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager to assist them with goal setting, long-term planning and any other growth strategies they have in mind. Credit unions with a lower investment level receive resource assistance from our Customer Support team.

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Strategic planning and goal setting

Customer Success Managers help credit unions reach their full texting potential by getting the most out of the advanced features available, including third-party tools. They also assist with account management, strategizing on adoption and finding ways to infuse texting with a credit union’s digital strategy.

After onboarding has been completed, a Customer Success Manager will reach out to a credit union to align with them strategically, not just on adoption goals but to discuss where the credit union is heading immediately, as well as to help chart a path so they can reach targets based on their long-term vision.

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Live training

Customers that meet a certain investment level receive custom training during onboarding. Onboarding materials are then repackaged so they can be shared with larger groups and employees who join the organization later. The training sessions include proven strategies to increase adoption. This knowledge transfer gets employees up to speed and allows them to revisit the training materials if needed.

Those with an assigned Customer Success Manager can also go to our professional trainer for (virtual) individualized training and attend live Getting Started webinars that are hosted twice a week.

Change management

Customer Success Managers also advise on change management. Change management initiatives help employees adapt to internal changes that affect external communications with credit union members.

Changing work environments are becoming commonplace. Communicating with co-workers can be challenging when some employees are in a branch location and others are remote. This change in culture affects how employees communicate which can affect how credit union members get information.

Jessica La Torre, a Customer Success Manager, tells her customers, “We’re here to assist your credit union with change management. To make sure there’s an internal accountability tree to encourage adoption so you can meet your business goals. Let’s ensure your member services team is re-engaging with new members to organically collect leads to hand to the lending team so you’re building strong, lasting relationships and bridging that gap to get new members to lending.”

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Expertise from solutions engineers

In addition to the standard level of support customers receive, additional services and resources are available that can make the texting experience even better for credit union employees and members.

Well-qualified customers are eligible for assistance from Zipwhip Solutions Engineers at no cost to evaluate and consult credit unions on implementing advanced texting features.

For example, they may need the knowledge of a Solutions Engineer as it relates to integrating our API into their line-of-business software, configure an SFTP client for secure file transfers and set up a STOPALL command for global opt outs.

Help setting up advanced texting features

The symbiotic relationship between Customer Success Managers and Solutions Engineers is unique and something that other software providers don’t offer. Why is this important? Some advanced tools that credit unions want may not be included in an out-of-the-box set of features. They may require additional resources to implement which can be costly if outside consultants need to be brought in to help.

What advanced features are available?

Every organization is unique so Customer Success Managers will work with a credit union to find solutions that best fit their needs. In addition to strategy and planning sessions, a Customer Success Manager will take time to describe the more advanced features listed below as well as explain their benefits and facilitate their implementation.

SFTP client

Let’s take a closer look at each feature.

Customer Success Managers can help credit unions refine use cases, which may include adding a Click-to-Text button to the organization’s website. This OOTB feature serves as an inbound texting channel and an automatic opt-in because members provide their phone numbers. Using the Click-to-text feature increases adoption which is one reason The National Bank of Middlebury uses it on its contact us page.

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API (Application Programming Interface)
An API allows organizations to integrate best-in-class SMS/MMS into their existing business management software. A Customer Success Manager can work with a credit union to integrate our software + API to automate their texting cadence. This combination allows them to offer member support through our software to sync and record text messages in their CRM or core processor to meet compliance measures.

Our API also allows credit unions to leverage texting across all workflows, creating a seamless communications channel with members for programmatic and conversational messages. Credit union technical teams are unbounded by our API, meaning Zipwhip Solutions Engineers can work in an advisory capacity at no additional charge to talk through automations so credit unions can build the best solution on their end.

There is a price to leverage our API for outbound messaging, but your Customer Success Manager can help you find the package that best meets your needs.

Learn more about Zipwhip’s API >

A practical use case is to implement TXT2PAY for collections. It’s a third-party, text-based payment method used to easily make payments. If a credit union is trying to reduce write-offs, charge-offs or delinquencies, they could collect member payments with TXT2PAY. They could also programmatically text payment reminders using our API. This is another area where Solutions Engineers provide value to our customers.

Learn more about TXT2PAY >

Understanding compliance measures

The two features described below fall under the umbrella of compliance. It’s the responsibility of credit unions to abide by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), but Customer Success Managers can offer guidance and bring in Solutions Engineers to help credit unions understand how best to implement these features.

We recommended reading our e-book to learn how to minimize legal risk when texting.

Download our TCPA Compliance e-book >

TCPA Compliance e-book

SFTP client for data retention
Setting up an SFTP client requires more advanced technical knowledge. To maintain TCPA compliance, credit unions need a method of sending message export reports securely to an SFTP server, so the messages are backed up in their system for their unique data retention policies and needs.

STOPALL global opt out
It’s natural to think the STOP command functions as STOPALL. But because it’s not an OOTB feature like STOP, credit unions that choose to implement STOPALL should speak with a Customer Success Manager. After a quick vetting call with a Solutions Engineer, setting up the STOPALL global opt-out command can be done in a relatively short period of time.

While Zipwhip doesn’t advise customers on compliance, if a credit union has questions about using the global opt-out feature as part of their compliance program, a Customer Success Manager can put them in touch with the right person to answer their questions.

For more details about the STOPALL feature, download our TCPA Compliance e-book.

Customer success story: How Baylor collected over $1M in less than a month

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Baylor Health Care System Credit Union implemented Zipwhip for collections in March 2020. Within days, they had collected past due balances to cover the annual cost of their texting services a dozen times over.

If you think that’s an example of a successful ROI, read what Andy Reed, President & CEO of Baylor, had to share. “We’ve been using the platform for about 40 days now and we’ve lowered our total delinquency from $926,066.05 (2/29/2020) to $658,337.93 (4/30/2020). We’ve had exceptionally good success with managing new delinquencies coming onto the books as a result of the pandemic, bringing DQ1-59 down $214,383 month over month. Finally, our total DQ peaked during April from the pandemic at $1,778,351 on 4/6/2020 but fell to $658,338 at the end of the month. That’s $1.1M in past due balances collected in 24 days. Wowsa!!!

Read more about Baylor’s remarkable results with Zipwhip >

Start your credit union on the path to greater growth. Contact us today!

For more use cases and customer success stories, visit our texting for financial services page. To learn more about texting for credit unions and get started, contact us today.

If you’re currently a Zipwhip customer, reach out to your Sales Rep or Account Executive to make sure you’re at the level that best fits your needs. If you plan to increase your financial commitment in the coming months, consider updating your financial investment now so you can start receiving the additional services.

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