11 Creative Ways to Let Your Customers Know They Can Text You

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Once your company has invested in a texting-for-business solution, it’s important to market your new texting capability to customers. Although more business are adopting texting—39 percent according to our 2019 State of Texting report—the average consumer still may not grasp the value of this communication channel or know how to go about texting with their favorite companies.

The good news is that your marketing materials can kill two birds with one stone:

  1. They let customers know they have the option to text you
  2. They educate them about how to text you

To help you promote your texting ability successfully, we’ve compiled some creative, out-of-the box examples of how real companies are doing it today.


This is one of the most comprehensive ways to educate clients about texting. We love how Aspen Meadow uses this fun flyer to share the value of texting. They specifically highlight the speed of texting – promising to respond to text messages within two hours. That guarantee proves how much they value their clients.



This might be one of the more innovative ways we’ve seen a company advertise their texting capability. These magnets are a great piece of marketing collateral by the University of Evansville because every time someone grabs food from their fridge, they’ll be reminded they can just text the box office.  


This is probably one of the simplest ways to share the good news. Posting to Facebook reaches a large audience and can be easily shared among different networks, groups and profiles.


This is a great way to share the message with many people at once. By socializing your texting capabilities, you also open the doors to social amplification. The more likes and retweets you get, the more people will see this fantastic offering.

Holiday Cards

Fyzical Therapy sent out these holiday cards with their text line clearly highlighted. They say “text or call” to let people know they have two options on the same phone number. This fun and friendly approach feels much less obtrusive and more personal than standard advertising.

Email Signatures

Mortgage loan officer Anthony Musante includes clear instructions as to which keywords people should text for different inquiries. This helps him organize and prioritize the texts he receives. It also helps his email recipients know exactly what to do in order to reach him effectively. Email signatures assure visibility because recipients see this reminder every time they communicate via email.  


Educating clients about texting is so much easier when you text enable your existing business line. We love how fab’rik Savannah messaged their new texting offering with stylists. Simple, friendly and intuitive.

The Rush Cycle Franchise also knows how to give their clients want they want – an efficient way to reach them at the studio. Check out how the Colorado Springs location is socializing their ease-of-communication with Zipwhip. Their clients can now reach them via text on their branded business phone number. What a great example of customer service.

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Front Desk Signage

This is a super simple way to have your message seen by everyone – put a sign on your front desk! Every customer who walks through your doors will see this message, bold and clear.



Product Labels

MediCap takes the award for most creative way to advertise their texting capabilities. Not only do they let their patients know they can now text, they show them exactly why and how. Every time someone takes their medication, they’ll be reminded of this excellent form of customer service.


Email Newsletters

We love how Navy Football seamlessly incorporated an example of texting into their email newsletter. This is a great way to notify many people at once about your new text offering. Their tangible example of a text conversation makes it feel less intimidating because people can easily visualize what it will actually look like.


Parking Lot Signage

Pinellas Animal Hospital does a great job at letting pet owners know they’re well taken care of with this sign. There’s no way to miss it!


We hope these examples give you some innovative ideas on how to educate your customers about the option and benefit of texting your business. For even more examples, watch the video below. 

Don’t have a business-texting solution yet? Try a free trial of Zipwhip today!

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