ConText Day 1: Highlights From Our Virtual Texting Summit

Today, after much anticipation on our end (and hopefully some on yours too!), we kicked off Zipwhip’s first-ever virtual texting summit — ConText! We got to hear from businesses that have been successful with texting, engage in conversations about strategy and best practices, look at compelling data and share our very best tips with you. In case you missed any of it, here are our top highlights from the day and some of our favorite social engagements from you!

We heard John Lauer’s famed story about Velveeta cheese — and learned why texting is the best customer communication medium

If you haven’t heard the story about how Zipwhip got a contract with Sprint, you need to go back and listen to today’s opening keynote. We’ll tell you that it involves several blocks of Velveeta cheese with a toll-free number on the back.

In addition to telling our favorite Zipwhip origin story, Lauer talked about how business texting came to be and what businesses need to know about customer communication today.

We learned 10 texting tips from our resident Textpert Courtney Parham

Courtney joined us to share texting tips like how to incentivize your teams to text, dos and don’ts of TCPA and creative ways to let customers know they can text you.

Texting pros in sports, financial services and staffing shared their experiences

We had the opportunity to hear from three customers in very different industries: The Detroit Tigers, Partners Personnel & ASG Results.

Jonathan Greene, Director of Strategy at ASG Results, told us texting helped improve one of their key metrics: response time from members.

“When we would send out an email, sometimes the response from a member exceeded 60 minutes, so more than one hour. Once we implemented the Zipwhip texting platform, we were able to get member responses in less than 2 minutes. So huge, huge advantage.”

And Joe Schiavi, VP, Ticket Sales for the Detroit Tigers talked about the success they saw once they implemented texting.

“We integrated text into touchpoints for all of our renewal accounts this year. We did have our strongest renewal year in the last eight years despite a challenging climate and I believe the text touchpoints played an important role.”

We hosted conversations with customers in 16 industry breakout sessions

We love giving our customers the opportunity to network and learn from one another. There were so many great stories and tips swapped in these industry-specific sessions!

For instance, we heard from Andrew Duhl, Group Program Director at Listen Up Y’all Media about how texting helps his radio station engage audiences for updates like sporting event scores, power outages, events and more. The station also monetizes SMS keywords by setting up sponsorships. “Zipwhip is worth $50,000 per year for the radio station,” he said.

In the Education and Government Breakout Session, Tricia Roots, Admission & Financial Aid Counselor at Central Christian College of Kansas told us they use Zipwhip on a daily basis and that it’s the easiest way to reach current and prospective students. They use it to send links, schedule tours, follow up on applications and more. She told us, “I’m not really sure how I would function without it.”

We learned about the latest and greatest in contactless payments: TXT2PAY

Christopher Brunner, Founder & CEO of Authvia, joined Zipwhip’s Chief Business Development Officer, John Larson, and two Zipwhip customers to talk about TXT2PAY. This new Zipwhip plugin allows businesses to send payment requests and accept payments through texting.

We look forward to more sessions and more opportunities to engage with you tomorrow! We’re still awarding points for cash prizes, so be sure to engage with us on social and check the Game tab in the ConText platform. As a reminder, if you missed any live sessions today, you can go back and watch them in the platform any time in the next six months.

And if you haven’t registered yet but still want to participate, it’s not too late! Sign up and join us for Day 2.

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