67 Percent of Consumers Want Businesses to Text Them About This

If your business uses phone calls to schedule appointments and send appointment reminders to customers, the process might look like this:
Scheduling customer appointments by phone calls
Oof. The phone tag. The wasted time. The lack of happiness! In Zipwhip’s 2019 State of Texting report, 67 percent of consumers told us that instead of businesses calling or emailing them about appointment reminders or scheduling, they would just prefer a text.

Why send an appointment confirmation text?

The processes detailed above are tedious and inefficient for both parties. Customers are busy, they’re at work during the day and they rarely check voicemail anymore. Businesses waste time with follow-up calls, adding unnecessary tasks to their to-do lists.

When sending an appointment confirmation text instead of calling or emailing…

Scheduling an appointment can look like this.

Sending a text to schedule an appointment

And sending an appointment reminder can look like this.

Appointment reminder text

Texting is a high-priority medium

Texting offers an opportunity to get the information you need fast. Scheduling appointments can be turned into a quick back-and-forth exchange instead of a long, drawn-out interaction. Think about how you text with friends and family. The pace of the conversation is fast and unobtrusive. You’re replying at your leisure, and the conversation is happening within the text messaging app you use every single day, so you’re guaranteed to see the message. The same goes for business texting.

But what about scheduling via email? If your business sends appointment-related emails to customers, it’s likely they’ll have a hard time getting those, too. When we surveyed consumers about response times with email and texting, 74 percent said they would reply to a text from a business within an hour. Only 41 percent said they would do the same via email.

How Zipwhip customers use appointment confirmation texts

Appointment-related texts are among the most popular use cases with Zipwhip customers. Take a look at how texting for business has helped our customers improve response times and eased workflow for their employees.

Blue Animal Sky Clinic

Blue Sky Animal Clinic is a full-service veterinary medical facility in Loveland, CO. Before adopting Zipwhip, Blue Sky’s office phone lines would get tied up during busy parts of the day, and patients would be placed on hold for long periods of time. Since implementing texting with Zipwhip, the clinic has noticed a drop in last-minute cancellations and no-show appointments. Read more in our case study.

Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor is a leader in the lawn care services industry with over 450 locations in 40 states. One franchise owner noticed how much time his team was spending on the phone trying to get a hold of new and existing customers. With Zipwhip, the franchise now reports saving two or three hours a day by not playing phone tag. Our case study highlights more of the obstacles the franchise faced and how Zipwhip helped improve their day-to-day interactions with customers.

Tiffany Knupp, Insurance Agency

Tiffany Knupp is a Farmer’s Insurance agent in Salisbury, MD. Knupp wanted a more cost-effective and time-saving communication channel than phone, email and mailers for her clients. Zipwhip has helped them immensely. Knupp says that 99 percent of texts they send are returned within a couple of hours, cutting back on no shows, phone tag and late payments. Read more about Knupp’s experience here.

Say goodbye to phone tag with Zipwhip

Ready to bid adieu to phone tag and reach your customers faster with appointment confirmation texts? Start a free trial of Zipwhip texting-for-business software today.

For more statistics and tips about the texting industry in 2019, download our State of Texting report. You’ll get the scoop on what texting looks like for businesses today, including use among various industries, consumer preferences when texting with businesses, how texting can improve team workflow and much more.


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