How to Use a Click-to-Text Button to Build Your SMS Subscriber List

How to use Zipwhip's Click-to-Text Button on Your Website

Do you ever feel like you’re in a catch-22 when it comes to adding customers to your SMS subscriber list? You want to send texts to people you believe would benefit from your products or services, but you can’t text them until they opt in to receiving texts from your business. 

Due to the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), companies aren’t allowed to text a phone number unless the owner has given consent. That consent can come from replying to an email stating that text messages from the business may be sent, or by accepting the terms of service for a website listing texting as one of its communication methods. 

However, customers can also make the first move and text a company directly. Below are two strategies businesses can use to get consumers’ attention and inspire them to take action to sign up for your SMS subscriber list 

Encourage consumers to opt in to your SMS subscriber list 

A company can promote Keywords through its marketing materials (window signs, reader boards, flyers) as well as paid media (print, digital and radio ads) that encourage consumers to text a keyword to their business number. The Auto Reply text message triggered by the keyword can deliver details about a product, confirm entry into a giveaway or provide an immediate discount. It can also be a way for people to add their cell phone number to a subscriber list to receive future offers. Essentially, a keyword prompt offers consumers something in exchange for the business gaining consent to text them 

But one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to build your SMS subscriber list is through your website. Adding a Click-to-Text button to your home page and contact us page with a call to action starts a two-way conversation and provides an easy opt-in. 


How does a Click-to-Text button work?

A Click-to-Text button makes texting with a company through its website fast and easy. The image above shows how a recruiting company uses the button with copy that gives job seekers a reason to text them. Individuals can use the button whether they’re visiting the site from a mobile device or their computer. They just tap or click the “Text” button, input their cell phone number and type their first message right there on their screen 

When the business responds, the native texting app on the consumer’s cell phone automatically opens and the conversation continues there, which is both private and convenient. Because the consumer started the interaction and volunteered their phone number, they have opted in to receive texts. However, consumers can revoke their consent at any time by replying STOP. Learn more about TCPA compliance. 

Create a Click-to-Text button in four steps 

Zipwhip makes it easy to add a Click-to-Text button to any mobile or desktop website with our free code generator. Once added, consumers who visit the website can begin a text conversation with a single click and be added to your SMS subscriber list. To get started, follow the steps below.  

Step #1: Create your button 

Select the color of text button that best fits your brand. With a full color palette to choose from and two sizes options, you’re sure to find the right look for your business. You can display the button on top of an image as the example above shows or let it stand on its own.  


Step #2: Copy + paste your code 

Embed the Click-to-Text button on your website by copying and pasting the code generated by clicking the “Get Code” button at the end of step #1. You can choose which pages of your website display your text button. As noted, your home page and contact us page are great places but feel free to add it to other pages as well as you see fit. There is no limit.

Step #3: Your visitor clicks 

Visitors to your mobile or desktop website click the button to send a text. By taking this step, consumers have opted in to receiving texts going forward. However, it’s best to be concise in your reply and not add promotional language or other information that isn’t related to the conversation at hand. Down the road you can expand the types of texts you send, but for now keep it on point. 

Step #4: You receive a text 

The text will immediately appear across your Zipwhip web, desktop and mobile apps so you never miss a message. That’s it, you’ve now added new consumers to your SMS subscriber list. It’s important to keep clear records of both opt ins and opt outs, so it’s advised that a business never deletes text conversations with consumers and customers. 


Incorporate C
lick-to-Text into your business marketing strategy today 

Adopting texting as a communication tool is a sound business strategy for small, medium and large companies. Established businesses such as Google AdWords and Instagram support the option for consumers to text because they see the value in it. Consumers prefer to reach brands or be reached by brands via messaging over any other means.  

With Zipwhip software, businesses can reply to text messages sent to their landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number. Texting is one of the most cost-effective communication methods a company can use. Visit our pricing page to get started. We even offer a free trial.

In addition to adding a clickable text button to build your SMS subscriber list, find out how to use business texting to increase customer satisfaction by downloading our free e-book: The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers. 


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