Zipwhip recently published the 2020 State of Texting report. This research provides the current snapshot of industry and consumer trends around texting and other types of messaging. ZipTV sat down with Zipwhip CEO and co-founder, John Lauer, to get his reaction to some of the key findings. Here’s what he had to say about RCS (Rich Communication Services) in 2020.

Video transcript:

John Lauer: RCS is the next generation of text messaging. It’s like texting 2.0. RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. It is an open standard. All of the carriers and the handset manufacturers are starting to embrace it and it’s going to give you a richer texting experience.

Businesses are going to benefit from RCS because it lets you send larger images, for instance, better video content. It lets you have read receipts, the “is typing” signal so that the consumer knows you’re actually composing your response to them. It will even allow things like payments in the future.

Consumer awareness of RCS is actually growing. 30% more people said that they are somewhat or very familiar with RCS. That was a pleasant surprise because RCS is going to be important, but it shows that the trend is starting right now.

Zipwhip is better positioned to handle RCS than any of our competitors because we work directly with the carriers and we are actually helping them deploy their RCS solutions to all of their consumers so that we can then bring that to all of the businesses.

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