CBS Radio teams up with Zipwhip for ultimate listener love

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CBS Radio, one of the largest radio operations in the country, has launched Zipwhip across 39 stations and 15 major markets including New York, Los Angeles, and Houston. The move allows on-air staff to have two-way text conversations with listeners. The stations get to retain their existing studio call-in numbers, and listeners can text from their smartphones, the same way they’d text a friend.

“By adding texting to existing station numbers, CBS Radio has shown further commitment to the ‘live and local’ mantra that has come to define the brand,” Zipwhip Director of Market Development Kelsey Klevenberg said. “Their team saw the opportunity to improve overall listener experience and they acted on it. Each market has specifically chosen to adopt this new school texting approach.”

So why’d they make the switch?

Well, radio stations have been using short codes for ages, asking users to text keywords to 5-6 digit numbers. This technology is outdated and not exactly intuitive. In contrast, Zipwhip provides a conversational texting experience, while utilizing the same phone number the station has always promoted.

Whether it’s to text in a song request, enter a contest for tickets, or share thoughts about a local sports team or news event, the Zipwhip integration makes it so much easier for people to actually engage.

“It’s a solution for people who prefer texting as their primary form of communication, people who wouldn’t have engaged before,” -Klevenberg said.

Awesome! We look forward to helping radio stations better engage current listeners and grow their audience base. So go ahead and text your local radio station!

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