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Uber and other rideshare alternatives radically changed the landscape in the for-hire transportation sector. Their rapid expansion and effective utilization of the mobile mindset forged the mobile-for-hire marketplace. Now is the time for traditional ride-for-hire providers to play catch up. Zipwhip’s cloud texting unlocks the mobile-for-hire capabilities that taxi companies need.

Until now, landline dispatch numbers were the primary means of fielding incoming ride requests. Cab companies leveraged much of their advertising budgets into familiarizing these numbers to their customers. Yellow Cab Company of Sacramento was no exception. With an easily identifiable landline, the nearly hundred-year-old company was heavily invested in the continued use of that number. Josh Jacoby, IT Manager for Yellow Cab Company of Sacramento, says “The ability to use the same well publicized number for Yellow Cab was essential.”

Many frequent customers already had the main dispatch line saved in their mobile contact lists. After implementing Zipwhip, Yellow Cab found an extensive backlog of texts from customers.

“We were surprised that on day one we had customers using SMS — they had been using it all along but never got any responses because we weren’t listening.” -Josh Jacoby

After seeing the volume of unfulfilled orders, Yellow Cab recognized the gains possible by adopting a text-enabled landline. With their phone number limited to voice-only functionality, Zipwhip unlocked the mobile-for-hire solutions that their clientele expected. Jacoby goes on to say how “It has been a convenient way to communicate with our drivers.” By increasing the volume of orders received, and streamlining internal work flow processes, Zipwhip provides the immediate mobile-for-hire solutions that traditional taxi companies need to stay competitive.

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