Business Texting (SMS and MMS) for Home Repair and Service Providers

Home repair worker

Homeowners who need professional help with repairs or home improvement projects can easily connect with technicians and service providers by text. Whether a customer needs to fix an appliance, remodel a room or have other home repair tasks performed, texting makes communication easier for everyone.

Being responsive by text is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity for plumbers, electricians, carpet installers and other service-based businesses who perform work inside customers’ homes. The same holds true for teams handling exterior projects such as house-painting, landscaping and roofing and gutter installation or repair.

Respond to customers using the communication method they prefer

Texting makes businesses more efficient by cutting down on phone tag and eliminating the need to wait for customers to check their inbox and reply to your email. Fifty-eight percent of consumers say texting is the fastest way for businesses to reach them (2021 State of Texting).

Rather than having customers call for a quote or email a question, they can text you on your text-enabled landline (the same number they use for calls). It’s also convenient for businesses because they can send and receive texts from a computer or mobile device.

See how it works and start leveraging the medium your customers prefer — texting.

Personalize texts with picture messaging for home repairs and upgrades

SMS allows businesses and customers to communicate quickly. And with MMS (multimedia messaging service), businesses can include a photo of the worker(s) who’ll be arriving at their home. This type of virtual introduction can lead to increased customer satisfaction by adding a more personalized level of service.

Text from plumber

Provide estimates for home repairs without driving anywhere

Don’t miss out on new jobs or lose potential customers by taking too long to respond to requests for estimates. Ask homeowners to text photos of property damage they need help repairing or their improvement project when they inquire about your services.

MMS makes it easy for homeowners to attach images from their smartphone to a text. This gives businesses a better idea as to the scope of a project so they can provide a more accurate estimate without driving to the location, saving both parties time.

Text from tree removal service

Ensure homeowners will be home by sending confirmation and reminder texts

Showing up for an appointment only to discover that the homeowner isn’t there can throw off your entire day’s schedule. Use SMS to send appointment confirmations and reminders to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Home-repair businesses can use Templates to standardize messages across teams or let workers create new messages when needed. Including the name and photo of the worker who will be onsite (as shown above) provides an added level of professionalism.

Schedule home repairs via SMS

Customers want to request appointments by text — let them. Once the details have been set, send appointment confirmations and schedule reminders. Texting makes it easy to ask a question, provide additional details or reschedule an appointment.

Cancellations sometimes occur. Not to worry, SMS makes it easy to quickly contact another customer and offer them an earlier appointment. They might even be thrilled to have their project started sooner than expected.

Respond to incoming texts with auto replies

Consumers can feel ignored if you take too long to respond to an email or voicemail. You might even lose a potential customer to a competitor.

With SMS auto replies, incoming texts receive an automatic response, letting the sender know when they can expect an answer to their inquiry. Set realistic timeframes and be as specific as possible as to when they can expect a reply so they can wait with confidence.

Create or edit an Auto Reply message at any time. If texts come in during busy periods or after hours, an auto reply sends your pre-written message. An easy-to-use calendar tool (pictured below) lets you determine when auto replies are sent.

auto reply text

Scheduled messages save time and increase productivity

Scheduled Messages take the worry out of forgetting to send certain types of texts. This productivity feature is ideal for appointment reminders, promotional offers and other messages that don’t require a response. Simply create the messages in advance and schedule the delivery dates and times.

Businesses can manage their daily workflow more efficiently by handling less urgent tasks like scheduling messages to be sent the next day during non-peak hours. This enables employees to focus on that day’s projects and respond quickly to new business inquiries. 

Don’t text clients from personal cell phones

Some companies expect or simply allow employees to use their personal cell phones to text clients and customers. But business texting software is the smarter choice for many reasons.

Aside from its time-saving features, business texting protects customer privacy, ensures businesses maintain control over their company assets and helps with TCPA compliance. For more reasons, read why employees shouldn’t text from their personal phones.

Request referrals and online reviews from home repair customers

Word-of-mouth recommendations are key drivers of new business. After projects have concluded, text customers thanking them for their business and ask if they could recommend you to family and friends. You can also request that they write an online review. Be sure to include a link to your Yelp or Google review page for better response rates.

SMS helps home repair businesses reach more customers

It’s easy to get started with business texting. Visit our pricing page to find out which texting package is right for your home repair or specialty services business.

To learn more, download The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers. It includes everything you need to know about business texting from best practices and etiquette tips to common use cases and more.  

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