18 Companies that Rocked Texting for Business Last Year

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Zipwhip’s client list exploded in 2018. We’re so excited that more companies than ever are adopting texting into their mobile communications strategy. Here are some of the best examples we saw last year.

1. Fort Wayne Komets

The Fort Wayne Komets use texting to drive ticket sales. They saw immediate ROI after implementing Zipwhip texting in 2018. With same-day setup, sports teams can start driving sales and increasing revenue right away.

“We (Fort Wayne Komets) sold two season tickets (just under $1,500) within the first HOUR of using Zipwhip without really knowing what we’re doing yet! Thanks!”
– Scott Sproat, Executive VP/Co-Owner, Fort Wayne Komet Hockey

2. VIP Global

According to Evan Blanchette, CEO of VIP Global, Zipwhip “has eliminated more than half of the phone calls between VIP Global dispatchers and clients.” The company uses texting with chauffeurs as well and integrates all texting functions with the Santa Cruz software system. This is another great example of how texting dramatically changed a company’s operations and significantly reduced call volume.

3. Worcester Railers HC

In roughly 24 hours, Mike Fisher, Director of Tickets and HC Memberships at Worcester Railers HC saw more than $1,000 in revenue as a direct result of using texting and an additional $1,000 with the assistance of the texting.
“I would say we’re off to a great start,” he said. “It’s possibly the easiest thing I have ever used. Meaning in a good way: there’s not much training needed and it’s very user friendly.”

4. F45 Training

After using Zipwhip for almost three months, F45 Training Mount Pleasant saw monthly sales grow from $13,000 to $20,000. Texting has made it much easier for their team to communicate with members and each other. With more time to focus on the important aspects of customer service, the team has seen an increase in sales and client engagement.

5. Navy Football

Navy Football started incorporating texting into their communication strategy to combat overflowing email inboxes. Customers can now easily text in questions or requests, reducing administrative time and freeing the team to focus on what’s really important: driving sales and fostering relationships.

banner of Navy Football using texting to increase ticket sales

6. Veterinary Innovation Council

Many hospitals struggle to implement texting between clients and employees because it often introduces a loss of administrative oversight and adds new costs. The practices that see success with texting are the ones that opt for a well-rounded software solution to manage their texting strategy. The Vet Innovation Council is one of the organizations that adopted texting correctly and reaped the benefits.

“With Zipwhip, clients would text us back telling us how great their pet was doing and even sharing pictures with us, which was a great boost to the staff’s morale. Our client callback contact numbers went up by approximately 60 percent. Zipwhip also saved time and allowed us to focus more on patient and client care in other ways…call load was further reduced by approximately 20 percent with clients texting questions rather than calling.”
– Christine Kjeell, Program Manager for the Veterinary Innovation Council

7. RAPS Animal Hospital

Texting allows clients to reach vet hospitals conveniently and quickly. We were excited to see RAPS Animal Hospital embrace this communication channel to better serve their patients. They use their other communication channels like social media to cross-promote their texting functionality.

RAPS's facebook post advertising there Texting for vet hospitals

8. Emerald Beach Properties, Inc.

One of the lesser-known use cases for texting is real estate and hospitality. Management offices can use texting to communicate with residents and tenants. Emerald Beach Properties uses texting to make it easier to send updates and respond to guest questions.

According to Zana of Emerald Beach Properties, it “makes our check-in process so much easier! We text all our check-ins to see if they have any last-minute questions. It helps us cut down on calls from guests in a panic because they forgot their check-in instructions and door codes!”

9. Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital

Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital now offers the option for pet owners to text their office. Opening up this communication channel allows for much more efficient dialogue and for questions to be answered faster. They, too, use their other communication channels to cross-promote their texting option to clients.

 twin Maples Veterinary hospital's facebook post advertising there texting service

10. Sylvania Medicap

Sylvania Medicap saves customers time by allowing them to text in refill requests or prescription questions. We are so impressed by this innovative use of texting!

bottle with advertisement of medicap's texting for prescription refills

11. KING 5 Media Group

KING 5 was the first news channel to adopt texting as a live-viewer engagement strategy. With their interactive new show, TAKE 5, they encourage viewers to participate in the stories they’re consuming by texting in live while the show is happening. It keeps viewers engaged and boosts the positive feelings of involvement.

12. Elliott Bay Animal Hospital

Elliot Bay Animal Hospital uses texting to send appointment reminders and update clients on the status of their pets, prescriptions and more. It helps them communicate faster, therefore reducing the amount of time wasted playing phone tag.

“Texting is so quick and so fast, and when you have pets under anesthesia, you need answers. You can’t leave messages and play phone tag.”
– Deborah of Elliott Bay Animal Hospital

13. Oasis Youth Center

Oasis Youth Center uses texting as an alternative communication tool for at-risk youth. Many don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone or meeting in person, so texting is a safer option.

“We’ve had youth over the years tell us that just being able to be here and connect with other people like them is really lifesaving. The main communication mode for this age group is texting. They don’t have to call us if they don’t have minutes on their phone, and we can also then immediately send back resources or work together by text on an action plan so that they can take the next steps.”
– Seth Kirby, Executive Director of Oasis Youth Center

14. Seattle Sounders FC

Ian Clark from Seattle Sounders FC uses texting integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to save time. The integration automatically syncs text conversations into his Dynamics 365 account, saving him and his team a lot of legwork.

15. Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor started using texting to better communicate with their busy customers on their own terms. They found it easier for people to just send a text back during their hectic days rather than waste time playing phone tag. The team can also multitask while using texting software – they can be on the phone with one customer while they’re texting another.

“Zipwhip has allowed us to constantly communicate with our customers in a non-invasive way. It has saved us two or three hours a day.”
– Chad Norton Franchise Owner Lawn Doctor

16. Global Educators

As soon as they adopted texting into their communication strategy, Global Educators started receiving texts from students. Their response rate increased to 63 percent within just two months of implementation.

17. Biscuits and Bath

Biscuits and Bath started using texting to improve their business both internally and externally. First, they used it to better communicate with their clients, subsequently improving customer satisfaction. Management was also able to have better administrative oversight into the conversations between the staff and clients. Finally, the staff could communicate seamlessly with each other without having to use their own personal cell phones.

18. Guild Mortgage

Texting helps Guild Mortgage communicate with borrowers in a more efficient way and foster critical relationships with real estate agents. It helps them schedule conversations with prospective borrowers and guides them along the different phases of the lending cycle.

“You may not be able to reach someone any other way than via text during the day when they are working and busy with the day-to-day. Texting is not invasive!”
– Dylan Castle Transaction Coordinator

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