Available Now: Zipwhip’s 2020 State of Texting Report

Zipwhip’s 2020 State of Texting report is now live! Our annual report was the first of its kind in the industry when it was released last year, and now it’s back with fresh data and more insight into the communication habits and preferences of both businesses and consumers.

We surveyed 2,600 participants to give us the scoop on things like:

  • the relationship between consumers and their mobile phone
  • why texting is the preferred communication tool for consumers
  • the most popular tool businesses are using to text (and why it’s not the best tool to use)
  • why some businesses have yet to adopt texting
  • how RCS will improve business texting
  • and much, much more

You’ll also find commentary from Zipwhip’s CEO John Lauer. He shares his reaction to the report’s findings and his predictions on industry changes in the coming year.

Read the report

Be among the first to read the 2020 State of Texting Report by viewing it here. And we’d love to hear from you, so don’t be shy and tag us on social media with your thoughts and feedback on the report.

Happy reading!

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