Auto-Reply Text Templates for Responding to Your Customers

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Keep the lines of customer communication open with auto-reply text templates. Combining a template with an automatic reply (sometimes referred to as an autoresponder) speeds up the communication process and can increase issue resolution. Simply write your text message and save it as a Template using Zipwhip’s business texting software.

The next steps are easy, too. Navigate to the Auto Reply feature and choose from an existing auto reply timeframe or create a customized one. Then, click the template icon to choose the template you created. Several options are available for when to have the auto reply kick in.

Choose from “After regular office hours” (5 pm to 9 am), “During regular office hours” (9 am to 5 pm) or create your own, such as choosing to have it sent during a specific timeframe using a customizable start and end time.

Why use auto-reply text templates?

Customizable auto-reply messages are ideal when employees are unavailable to respond to texts in real time. Perhaps your business experiences a morning rush or has reduced staffing during lunch hours. Team meetings are another great time to use autoreplies. Receiving a quick auto reply is usually all it takes for customers to feel satisfied while they wait for a response. The auto-reply text below is a good example.

Text auto reply away from desk

With Zipwhip’s business texting software, the auto-reply feature sends the message once every 24 hours to prevent interrupting the flow of the conversation. That’s helpful when a customer sends multiple texts before a business has a chance to send their first one.

Templates help businesses send a clear and consistent message

An auto-reply text saved as a template helps ensure that a consistent message is shared with customers, clients and anyone who may be reaching out to your text line. By writing the message in advance and saving it as a template, the text can be reviewed by others to check for accuracy, proper grammar and spelling. Further, it can help ensure that the message being sent has the right tone, stays on-brand and portrays your business in a positive light.

It’s easy to edit a template at any time if needed. Simply click the pencil icon to open the message and make any changes or additions. To streamline communications, businesses may want to have multiple auto-reply templates ready to send depending on the situation.

Templates texting software

Create auto-reply text templates for FAQs

An auto-reply template created for after-hours communication could simply state that your business is currently closed, and someone will respond the next business day. But customers will find more value in the message if you also include answers to some frequently asked questions. It may even limit the number of replies your business needs to send the next day as some questions may have already been answered by the auto-reply text.

Do customers tend to ask the same questions every day? If so, consider putting those answers in your auto-reply template message. Common questions may include your address, hours of operation and if you validate parking. Perhaps they want to schedule an appointment and ask if they need to call your office. Whatever the most frequent questions are, adding a line or two in your auto reply with the answers could help. You can also include a link to your website where a list of FAQs can be found.

9 auto-reply text templates to use today

Copy and paste these auto replies into your text template. These examples are designed to be a good starting point. Edit the message details as appropriate to fit your specific business.

1. Appointments

Many after-hours texts that are sent to offices relate to appointments, either scheduling them, confirming them or cancelling them. Using an auto-reply message to inform clients about which action to take, if any, can streamline the workflow of the front office. Having clients provide the requested information by text allows the staff to update their appointment calendar first thing the next morning rather than handle those tasks while juggling other projects during the day.

Auto reply text for appointments

Our office is currently closed. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, reply to this text with the preferred date and time. Click here to see our earliest available appointments.

2. General questions

Many businesses receive the same questions day after day, so they know what customers want to know. For texts that are sent to your company when it’s closed, set up an auto reply thanking them for their message and include a link to your website where frequently asked questions are displayed. It’s still important to respond to their message the next business day, but the auto-reply message may help some customers find their own answers to a question they have.

auto reply office FAQs

Thanks for contacting our office. We’re currently closed. If you asked a question, we’ll gladly answer it by 9 am tomorrow. In the meantime, you can click here for a list of FAQs on our website. The answer you need might be on it.

3. Away from my desk

There are times when employees are unable to respond to texts, such as during lunch breaks or when in meetings. Setting up an auto reply letting senders know you’ll respond as soon as possible is the considerate thing to do, and it’s a good business practice. If possible, provide a timeframe for your reply, but if you’re not sure when that will be a more general message will suffice.

Text auto reply away from desk

I’m away from my desk at this time but will reply to your text at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for your patience.

4. Emergency business closure

Emergencies often arise with little or no warning. Having an auto reply message ready to go in advance will allow a business to provide important updates to customers immediately.

Our store is currently closed due to the severe storm affecting the area. We’ll reopen as soon as this serious weather situation has passed. Stay safe everyone!

5. Customer service response

Waiting for a text reply from a customer service department is more convenient than waiting on hold when calling. Customers can easily go about their business when waiting for a text. But it’s still good practice to let them know how long it will be before they can expect a reply.

Auto reply customer service

Hello. Our customer service line experiencing a high volume of texts at this time, but we’ll respond to your message within the next hour. Thank you for your patience.

6. COVID-19 information

The health and safety of the general public is a top concern for stores and businesses that invite consumers onto their premises. Using an auto-reply text to share how your policies and procedures are helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus can be an effective message.

auto reply covid-19

We’re currently closed but will reply to your text by 10 am. As a reminder, when shopping in our store, we require all customers to wear face coverings and practice social distancing due to COVID-19. Store hours: Mon-Fri from 8 am to 6 pm. Sat-Sun from 10 am to 5 pm.

7. Delivery services

Delivery services are especially popular right now as many consumers seek to have food and other locally available items delivered to their homes. An auto-reply text can inform consumers about your delivery schedule and direct them to your website if desired.

auto reply delivery services

Sorry we missed your text. We’ve delivered all our orders for the day and have gone home. If you’d like to get on tomorrow’s schedule, simply place your order on our website by noon. Have a great evening!

8. Individual and independent businesses

Independent contractors and workers who perform jobs outside an office are ideal users of auto replies. A text sent letting customers know they’ll receive your personal reply within a specified timeframe could salvage an otherwise lost opportunity. It also lets the businessperson include a link to their website that could provide customers with additional information while they wait.

auto reply independent contractor

Hi, this is Dave from All-Star Furnace Installation and Repair. I’m with another customer now but will reply to your text within 15 minutes. Thanks for your patience. For a list of available services and the cost, check out my rate sheet.

9. Service professions

Texts make it easy for patients to leave messages or ask questions after-hours. Auto-replies make it easy for practitioners and their staff to share information with their patients as well.

auto reply dental office

Thanks for contacting our dental office. We’re currently closed but will reply to your message by 9 am tomorrow. If this is a dental emergency, call our after-hours customer support line: 555-475-5555.


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