What Does Texting-for-Business Software + an SMS API Offer Insurance Carriers?

Zipwhip API for Insurance

Today nearly 2,000 insurers and independent agencies rely on Zipwhip to text-enable their landline, VoIP and toll-free phone numbers. They have embraced two-way texting for business as an incredibly effective way to communicate with customers, using message Templates, Auto Replies, Keywords and Group Messaging to streamline the claims resolution process and attract new customers.

However, many of these organizations are still sending some of their most timely and critical messages —  account alerts, appointment reminders and billing notifications — via email or voicemail. Some organizations send those messages via text using a separate short code number, but their customers are left without the ability to reply to those texts. This disjointed communication experience is confusing for customers and can result in a negative customer perception of your business.

Why not send all your customer communications via text from the same phone number your customers already know and trust?

The Zipwhip Software + API Advantage

With Zipwhip Software + API, insurance companies can leverage texting across all of their workflows, creating a seamless communication channel with customers for both programmatic and conversational messaging. And because Zipwhip uses existing business phone numbers, customers can also respond to any message, whether personal or automated, and start a conversation at any point.

Pairing Zipwhip Software + API allows a claims adjuster to follow up on an outstanding claim via our software and then send an automated payment notification via their CRM – all from the same number. Messages are then automatically synced across platforms to keep track of communications for compliance, legal and customer service reasons.

Learn more about Zipwhip for insurance businesses here and how see how our API offers unmatched message integrity, throughput and reliability here.

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