Why Zipwhip Now Provides the Highest Character Count on SMS

You asked, and Zipwhip answered. We’ve increased character limits on our Web App and our Desktop App Beta from 250 to 600 characters, giving you more freedom and flexibility in how you text your customers. This important product update provides more impact than what meets the eye and makes it easier for you to send the perfect text every time.

Zipwhip is now the only texting-for-business provider that allows up to 600 characters in SMS messages. We ensure dependable delivery of large messages while protecting SMS as consumers’ preferred medium by keeping the size manageable. One of the reasons texting is so powerful is that it’s quick, easy and high-priority. But that wouldn’t be the case if businesses treated texts like emails. So, while you might like to send your customers 1,500-character texts, you shouldn’t.

As the inventors of the business-texting industry and the largest provider to date, we continue to innovate within the industry and our product, delivering meaningful improvements that shape the way we text today.

More space for context and compliance

Texting is meant as a high-priority, short-format form of communication, but sometimes even the most crucial of details can take up more than 250 characters. So rather than sacrificing a colorful emoji or splitting your message into two texts, you now have the space to do it all at once, in a single text through Zipwhip. Whether you’re providing driving directions, instructing a customer on how to confirm an appointment or sharing a link, our new 600-character limit gives you the space to communicate effectively.

If you want your customers to take action in response to your text, you need to provide the right amount of context. Say you’re working in a collections department and you need to contact a customer with an outstanding $1,000 bill. If your message is too short and doesn’t include the right identifying information, the customer may disregard your message as spam. But if you can identify yourself, provide a full link to your company’s online bill-pay portal and include necessary context around what the bill is about, your customer will notice the message and take it seriously.

600 characters for more space for context and compliance

Other times, the right context lies just underneath your main message: Some of our customers’ favorite feature is our Custom Signature, which allows you to add a consistent message to the bottom of each text. This is a great way to add a name or additional contact information, a business identifier or, importantly, opt-out language that supports TCPA best practices.

With 600 characters to use, you’ll have unparalleled ability to communicate all of the crucial information to your customers in one message, without worrying about splitting it into a string of related texts. This makes your job easier, faster and more convenient.

The 600-character sweet spot

If increasing the character count is so beneficial, why did we stop at 600?

Reliable message delivery is one of our biggest differentiators as the only texting-for-business provider with direct carrier connections to all Tier 1 and 2 wireless operators in the U.S. And when it comes to character counts, different carriers allow different sizes. After extensive testing, we found that 600 characters was the highest common denominator supported by all of the wireless operators. This means that regardless of your customer’s mobile phone provider, you can trust that your message will be delivered by Zipwhip every time and without being broken into multiple SMS texts, which can be delivered in the wrong order. We confirm your messages are successfully delivered by providing a delivery receipt underneath each message to give you that additional assurance.

Longer than 600 characters? Consider if text is the best approach

Sometimes the message you want to communicate takes more than 600 characters – we get that. But in cases where a lengthy message is needed, that conversation may actually be better suited toward a phone call or email. Texting works in tandem with these communication mediums as part of a comprehensive customer-engagement strategy. Not every message should be conveyed via text, just as not every piece of information requires a phone call.

The beauty and strength of texting lies in its short-format, high-priority nature. Your customer knows that when they hear that ding they’re receiving important, timely information that they can quickly digest and respond to. That’s why 83% of consumers respond to text messages within 30 minutes or less. The moment your customer has to scroll to continue reading a text is the moment it becomes too long.

Customer-centricity is at the heart of our product improvements

What makes this product enhancement so important to us is that it’s important to you. As a customer-centric organization, we pay attention to what our customers (and soon-to-be customers) really want to see in our product. After hundreds of customer interviews and consistent NPS surveys, we found that this was the most requested product update. Zipwhip’s increase to 600 characters is just one of many improvements we’ll continue to make in order to provide you with the best texting platform on the market.

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