Gain Insight Into Your Inbound Text Traffic With Zipwhip for Telmetrics

Zipwhip and Telmetrics partner to offer metrics on call or text camptaigns

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Telmetrics – a leading call and text tracking and analytics company – that will allow businesses to collect critical source data on text messages sent to their existing business phone number.

With unique tracking numbers and powerful analytics from Telmetrics, enterprise and franchise customers using call tracking numbers to measure and execute their advertising spend can now also measure the performance of text tracking numbers. For a business owner with multiple locations running ads on various platforms, the ability to analyze text traffic origins will be critical to understanding which channels are hitting the mark and which aren’t resonating as strongly with audiences.

Plus, by treating texting as a lead generation tool, businesses can open themselves to new audiences who would much rather text than call.

“This is a milestone for marketers looking to tap into consumer preferences; everyone loves to text,” said Telmetrics CEO Andrew Osmak. “Arming marketers with capabilities to become more customer-centric while doubling the inbound choices for consumers from just ‘call us’ to ‘call or text us’ creates instant lift in the ROI of any campaign.”

How does the Zipwhip integration work?

A unique Telmetrics tracking number can be assigned to virtually any type of advertisement, such as digital, out-of-home, print or television, so that Telmetrics can provide analytics to measure the effectiveness of these campaigns.

For calls, these unique tracking numbers are forwarded to the business’ phone line where they are answered just like any other call. For texts, the tracking numbers can now be forwarded to the business’ Zipwhip text-enabled line where the business can reply to the text and continue the conversation with their customers (see image below).

How Zipwhip and Telmetrics work together to track calls and texts

Why connecting Zipwhip with Telmetrics works

  • Optimize marketing spend. Instantly increase campaign ROI by doubling the inbound choices for consumers from just “call us” to “call or text us.”
  • Engage with new leads, not just existing customers. Seamlessly start a conversation in response to a text inquiry from your existing business landline to establish an ongoing relationship, turning leads into customers.
  • Increase customer retention. Keep the conversation going with Zipwhip’s enterprise-grade software, including features such as Scheduled Messages, Auto-Replies, Keywords, Templates and more.

Ready to get started? Check out our support page to install the Telmetrics integration today.

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