According to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), toll-free numbers are telephone numbers with distinct three-digit codes that can be dialed from landlines.

What is A2P text messaging?

An A2P (application-to-person) text is a message sent by a business using conversational software. It includes automated tools that send alerts and notifications such as appointment reminders or receipts. It also includes accurate delivery notifications, so the sender knows that the message has been received.

Using your toll-free number to send texts from a computer is not only a viable option, it’s a smart financial decision. Research shows that customers want to communicate with businesses via text, which is the medium they prefer. When you own a toll-free number and use it to send A2P texts, you’re leveraging additional functionality. And you can begin texting immediately. If your business doesn’t have a toll-free number, you can get one. They’re available to everyone.


The value in using your toll-free phone number to send A2P texts

Toll-free number texting allows brands and consumers to engage in two-way, A2P messaging using an existing business phone number. A toll-free number adds value to your business by providing a free and convenient way for customers to contact you. It’s more than a random set of numbers, it’s a lifeline from your customers to you.

A toll-free number can spell out your company name, making it an excellent marketing asset. And it can be easy to remember if it’s a vanity number like ours: 855-ZIPWHIP, which is also text-enabled! Toll-free numbers also have equity from brand name recognition and past marketing efforts.

These baked-in branding benefits give your customers the peace of mind that a text message is being received from a trusted source. And if your number is already in their contacts, your business name will automatically appear as the sender.

There’s a future benefit waiting for you as well when you enable your toll-free number for A2P texting. Customers will be able to reach out to you by text using the same number they use to call you. By simply adding “Text or Call” next to your toll-free number on your marketing materials, you’ll let your customers (and future customers) know that you’re reachable and available through one number — your branded, toll-free business number.

Converse with customers using A2P texting

We believe that texting should be a two-way street. You send a text to your customers or they send a text to you and the conversation begins. Both parties are free to text back and forth to provide additional information or resolve an issue. Your customers know they will always have an open line of communication with you, and that’s something they’ll truly appreciate.

You may have heard about short codes, or more than likely you’ve already received a text message from a company or organization that uses them. They’re the 5- or 6-digit numbers you see when you receive a text from a number that you cannot dial back. They’re leased by a third party and are designed for higher volume, outbound use cases such as marketing promotions and contest sweepstakes.

Because companies prefer flexibility and spontaneity when it comes to how they communicate, many find that text-enabling their existing toll-free number provides a better customer experience. There’s no delay in sending A2P messages using a toll-free number and it is far less costly than leasing a short code because they own the number.

Use cases for toll-free phone numbers sending A2P text messages

A branded, toll-free number can support all your business use cases on the same number, from the two-factor authentication password reset, to getting your notifications all the way to a two-way customer support conversation. Find out if sending messages to customers using an application-to-person approach is right for your business.

Here are additional use cases:


  • Two-factor authentication
  • Fraud alerts


  • Reservation/appointment reminders
  • Order status/notifications
  • Dispatch notifications
  • Facility closures
  • Prescription refill reminders


  • Account balance
  • Account changes
  • Billing alerts
  • Payment reminders


  • Call or support centers
  • Customer onboarding
  • Customer self-service


Two-way conversational A2P messaging is what customers prefer

Zipwhip is the leader in two-way business texting when it comes to enabling your landline phone number to send and receive texts. If you’re looking for a more personal way to communicate with customers, text-enabling your business’s toll-free number is something to consider. 

Bring your existing toll-free number to Zipwhip and we can immediately text-enable it for both conversational AND programmatic needs so you can start a 1-to-1 conversation or send notifications, alerts, two-factor authentication and more using an application on your computer. And you can rest assured that text-enabling your existing phone number won’t affect your voice service.

Many Zipwhip customers are surprised to learn that their customers are already texting their number, they’re just not getting the messages. If you’re looking for best practices and helpful guidance on getting started, check out The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers. We literally wrote the e-book on texting for business.

Get started by text-enabling the toll-free number for your business

Your branded phone number has value. You’ve already invested in providing a fast and easy way for customers to reach you, so why not use it for all your business’s texting needs as well?

Zipwhip built the original business texting network, making it possible to text an existing business number from a mobile phone (and vice versa). Text-enabling your landline or toll-free number allows for high-volume, carrier-approved messaging. We provide instant provisioning, simple pricing, two-way message capability and handset delivery message confirmations, which make it an attractive solution for many businesses.

Find out how you can start sending A2P messages from your toll-free number today!

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