Add Zipwhip to Any CRM or Business App with Our New Embeddable Texting Widget

You already know that texting is a crucial part of a business’s communication strategy — after all, it’s the fastest and most efficient way to reach today’s consumers. But finding an end-to-end solution that’s right for your company, your product and your end users can be challenging. Many solutions lack the timesaving features that users need, while others offer limited, one-way messaging that leaves consumers frustrated. 

That’s why Zipwhip built a solution, so you don’t have to.

We just added two new powerful texting tools to our flexible range of a la carte texting solutions to make it easier than ever to implement a full-featured texting solution into your business apps. We’re excited to announce the launch of Deep Links and the industry’s first-ever Texting Widget.

Embeddable Texting Widget 

With one line of code, you can now embed Zipwhip’s two-way texting software directly into your CRM or business appThe widget brings the powerful texting features of our web and desktop apps, such as Templates, Dynamic Fields, Scheduled Messages and Group Messages into users’ workflows so they’re never disrupted. And, it’s the conversational texting that consumers want. 

Deep Links

Deep Links make texting from your CRM easier than ever. Simply add a deep link next to every contact in your CRM. Click that link to easily start or continue a text conversation with that contact’s details pre-populated 

By using these new extensibility tools along with the Zipwhip API, you can create an end-to-end texting solution right within your CRM, line of business or proprietary app.

Learn more about Zipwhip’s API and Extensibility tools here. Or, if you’re a developer, check out our Developer Center to learn how to implement these tools.

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