A Look Back at February: Shaping the Future of Texting

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RCS is coming

Zipwhip is now partnered with Mavenir to bring RCS capability to businesses on their existing landline, VoIP or toll-free number. As Zipwhip CEO John Lauer wrote in October, RCS is the future of texting.

RCS is an enhanced messaging technology that provides deeper interactions than current SMS and MMS capabilities allow. RCS users will be able to share their location, view typing indicators, receive read receipts, make payments and reply to inline suggested buttons within their native texting app, along with many additional functionalities. RCS is basically the iMessage for Android.

This new capability for businesses is expected to prompt faster RCS adoption across the industry. Until now, it’s been mainly a P2P (peer to peer) tool. With Zipwhip’s software, businesses will have a seamless adoption path for supporting RCS and having those conversations with consumers.

Here’s the rub – it’s not ready quite yet. But this partnership means that Zipwhip will be the only way for businesses to have RCS conversations with their existing phone numbers, so it’s worth the wait.

Keep it short: Why character limits are important for texting

When was the last time you opened an email from a sales or marketing person?  Actually, when was the last time you organized your inbox? To be frank, email is a long-format, low-priority form of communication, which means it can be hard to always make time for it.

We all want to make sure our messages reach our audience, and email can be an unreliable option. That’s where texting comes in. Just as we expect a response when we text a friend, businesses can expect a response when they text a customer.

This month Zipwhip CEO John Lauer wrote a piece about the increasing importance of texting as a short-format, high-priority form of communication. His message: In order to keep texting relevant and save it from the fate of email, we need to keep it short.

Zipwhip made its third appearance at the National Sports Forum (2/11-2/13) in Frisco, Texas

Back in 2016, we competed in NSF’s “Tech Tank” where companies essentially pitched their business or product to a world-class panel of experts in their respective category. Zipwhip presented business texting as a viable solution to help sports teams communicate better with their fans, and we ended up winning the Ticket Sales & Strategy category.

Today, more than 75 collegiate and professional sports teams are using Zipwhip’s texting software to help make their conversations more personal. Read more about the NSF here on our blog.

Upcoming events

Here’s a list of events that Zipwhip will be hosting and, or attending next month:

ABA Tech Show 3/7- 3/10 (Chicago, IL)

International Luxury Coach and Transportation Show 3/12-3/14 (Las Vegas, NV)

National Bridal Market Chicago 3/18-3/20 (Chicago, IL)

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