98.7 The Bull grabs texting by the horns

Chunky at The Bull

Chunky makes Portland laugh every morning on the Chunky, McKinzie, and Jake show. The trio host the show on popular country music station 98.7 The Bull. They use Zipwhip to keep in touch with their listeners: taking song requests, questions and stories. We wanted to find out how the texting life was treating them, so we stopped by their studio with our film crew. Watch below:


“[Zipwhip] just creates an ultimate bond with the listener,” Chunky said. “It’s their favorite radio personality on their phone. That’s the closest you can get.”

Chunky joined the Alpha Media radio group last year. Prior to working at The Bull, he worked in major radio markets in NYC, San Diego and Philadelphia. Chunky and his team at The Bull were using short codes before they adopted Zipwhip. It was a huge pain to use short codes because they had to promote two different numbers on air–one for calling, one for texting. They also couldn’t reply back to listeners, or send and receive picture messages, which ultimately prevented a more genuine conversation for greater listener loyalty.

“I couldn’t imagine going back to a short code,” Chunky said.

The 98.7 team loves reading and replying to the stories their listeners send in. For instance, a woman needed a date to a Jason Aldean concert, so listeners texted in pictures of themselves to win a date with her. They also host a regular Group Therapy segment where listeners text in relationship questions and the DJs answer them on air. Zipwhip helps Chunky, McKinzie, and Jake create fun and personable content for the show.

The Bull joins over 300 radio stations who have switched to Zipwhip and never looked back. Want to start your own listener love story?

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