8 Simple Text Templates for Staffing and Recruiting

Recruiter talking with job candidate

Fill more open positions faster 

You may have heard the saying, “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” Or to put a more modern spin on it, “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth using text messaging tools to do it better.” 

For professionals in the staffing industry, performing their job well includes sharing information with corporate clients, interview candidates and job seekers in a timely fashion. Recruiters agree, timing is an important factor when it comes to driving successful placements and hiring as employers often need jobs filled quickly but, more importantly, with qualified individuals.  

With so many people and pieces of information to manage, sharing important details with dozens of contacts each day can be challenging. Thankfully, there’s a solution: business texting. When it comes to matching the right people with the right positions, recruiters and staffing agencies are finding that Texting for Business™ software can help bridge that gap.  

Testimonial from staffing company owner

Making phone calls, leaving voicemails and waiting for those messages to be returned can eat up valuable hours in a day. The same can be said about sending and responding to emails, many of which never get opened. Text messages, on the other hand, speed up communication and allow the recruiter or staffing agent to relay important details using web-based tools or a desktop app that runs on their computer, making typing out a text message fast and efficient.  

And it’s not just people working in the staffing industry who benefit; 73% of job seekers said they want to receive targeted jobs via text messaging. Texting provides additional peace of mind for job candidates. Waiting for a follow-up phone call about a job can feel like an eternity. Being kept in the loop about the progress or status of your candidacy with a quick text message can ease frazzled nerves while serving as a fast and convenient outreach method for the recruiter. 

Create a great candidate experience with SMS text message templates (below)  

Templates are useful when you know you’ll be sending the same message multiple times—like interview reminders and post-interview recap requests. Templates allow you to pre-draft a message and save it for the future, enabling you to use the same template again and again.  

Plus, texting with job candidates makes it easy to stay organized. Entire conversation histories are stored under each person’s contact details, so the messages can be seen by others in your organization who may be able to step in and respond if the original recruiter isn’t available. 

Text conversation with recruiter at staffing company

Schedule appointments and send reminders and follow-up messages 

Today’s candidates expect convenient communication. Texts are less intrusive and more discreet than phone calls, which is especially important for employed candidates. Texting also eases processes like document transfer, which can be done quickly through MMS (picture messaging). 

Making sure candidates arrive on time and on the right day is crucial for running a successful employment agency. Missed interviews are frustrating for employers and staffing agencies who do their best to ensure job seekers have all the information they need to be in the right place at the right time. Using business texting software templates that can be scheduled in advanced is an effective way to streamline your operations and improve efficiency.  

Scheduling interviews via text and making sure candidates have all the information they need at their fingertips (in their texting app) can give you a leg up over the competition. Presenting individuals who will impress your corporate clients with their skills and preparedness will serve to enhance your agency’s reputation for having high-quality employment prospects.

Get started with these 8 text templates: 

Let job candidates know you have openings that fit their skills by sending them a quick text. You can gauge their interest and respond to any questions they have by simply replying to their message. Today, most people bring their phones with them wherever they go, so connecting with them quickly is easier than ever, especially when compared to phone calls and email. 

It’s important to note that companies must first get consent from individuals before texting them. For more information, download our free e-book on TCPA Compliance guidelines.  

If you currently use Zipwhip’s business texting software, simply copy and paste the plain text below into your text window. Remember to edit any details that should be customized so they make sense for your staffing or recruiting business. 


New Candidate  

Recruiter text to new candidate

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. A client of ours is looking for a [Custom Field 2] and I think you’d be perfect for the role: INSERT LINK TO JOB DESCRIPTION. Text me if you’re interested. Text STOP to opt out. 


First Day Follow-up  

Recruiter text about first day follow

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. I’m just checking in on your first day to see how things are going. If you have any questions, please let us know. Have a great day! Text STOP to opt out. 


Job Fair Follow-up 

Recruiter text following up with job candidate

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1].  We received your resume at the recent job fair and wanted to know a good time to set up an interview. Thanks! Text STOP to opt out. 


Assignment Ending  

Recruiter text about job assignment ending

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. The INSERT JOB TITLE assignment is ending today. Thank you for your hard work! Please text or call [My Phone Number] if you have any questions. Text STOP to opt out. 


Interview Reminder  

Recruiter text about interview reminder

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. I’m just confirming your interview for DATE at TIME. Please make sure to bring ID and your resume. Here is the address: INSERT ADDRESS OR GOOGLE MAP LINK. Text STOP to opt out. 


Job Reminder  

Recruiter text about a job reminder

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. Please confirm that you’re all set to work at INSERT COMPANY NAME on DAY at TIME by replying to this text. Thanks! Text STOP to opt out. 



Recruiter text about timecards

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. This is just a reminder to get your timecard submitted by the end of the day today. Thanks! Text STOP to opt out. 


Project Starting 

Recruiter text about project starting

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. We have a project that starts ASAP. $0.00/hr at COMPANY NAME. I thought you’d be interested! Reply to this text and I can send you more information. Thanks! Text STOP to opt out. 


Why Texting for Recruiters and Staffing Agencies?  

In a nutshell, convenience and responsiveness. Texting software enables you to connect with candidates quickly, easily and privately. Plus, you can access additional texting features such as dynamic fields, signatures and scheduled texts – all without disrupting your workflow. 

Find out how you can reach candidates faster and ensure that your messages are seen with Zipwhip’s Texting for Business™ software. For more information and best practices, check out our blog post that details four tips on why text messaging works for recruiters. 


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