Texting for Business has its own etiquette to help you stay professional when communicating with customers while still using the medium to build relationships.

Here are five tips on how to use proper texting etiquette for business:

For more on etiquette, introductory templates and everything you’ll need to start texting your customers, check out our free e-book The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers.

Video Transcript:

Natalie: We need real music!

Keith: (Laughs)

Natalie: This is not good without real music.

(Music Intro Plays)

Keith: Hello and welcome to another episode of ZipTV. I’m Keith. And with me today is one of our resident Textperts.

Natalie: I’m Natalie.

Keith: We invited you in to talk to us about texting etiquette for business.

Natalie: Yes.

Keith: What is that?

Natalie: When you’re texting with your customers it’s a little bit different from texting with your friends and family. You have to follow a different set of guidelines because you want to be a little more professional in your communication.

So, texting for business etiquette is just, you know, all of the things–all of the best practices you should follow when you’re texting with your customers and different ways that you can engage appropriately with them.

Keith: Point number one:

Natalie: Always introduce yourself to your customer. Your customer may not have your phone number saved in their cell phone.

So, it’s really important that when you’re sending a text message, you introduce yourself. You say, “Hi! This is Natalie from your doctor’s office. Just wanted to confirm your appointment tomorrow.” That provides some context. And it also helps them realize that you’re not a spammer. Zipwhip actually has a tool called Signature, which is very helpful.

You can put in your name, your company name, and then you can toggle that on so that anytime you send a message that signature is going to go out with that text message. So, if you forget to introduce you have that as a fail-safe.

Keith: Tip number two:

Natalie: Always be mindful of the time of day because texting is so high priority. If you text your customers outside of normal business hours, it will likely disrupt their day. So, they could be having dinner or maybe they’re watching their favorite TV show–you just want to make sure that you’re not bothering them.

No one really wants to be contacted by a business outside of business hours. So, stick to your 9 to 5, or whatever your regular operating business hours are, and you’ll keep your customers happy.

Keith: Tip number three:

Natalie: You should always personalize your messages. So, make sure that you sound like a human. Just because you’re texting for business doesn’t mean that you have to sound like a robot. So, you know, putting in your customer’s name and things like that.

We have a great tool called Dynamic Fields that will automatically pull in your customer’s name so you can send a text — even a group text — and everyone will feel like they got their own personalized message from you. It’s just a way to build relationships with others.

Keith: And save time. Tip number four:

Natalie: Always reply quickly to your customers, or as quickly as you can. Texting is a high-priority medium, so we’re really used to seeing a text, picking up our phone, responding really fast and that’s just kind of how texting goes these days. So, you want to make sure that your customers feel like a priority to you, and you can do that by just responding quickly.

We have tools for this as well! We have a great tool called Auto Reply. So, if you’re not in the office and you can’t get to a text message, you can set up an auto reply that will go out automatically when you’re outside of the office. So your customer still gets a message that says, “Hey, sorry–” you know, “We’re out of the office currently but we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.”

Keith: One more question. Can I use my emojis when I text for business?

Natalie: You sure can.

Keith: Yes!

Natalie: Yes. We actually did some research on this. We surveyed every generation to find out how they feel about text messaging and we asked about emojis specifically. And every single generation said that they are OK with emoji use as long as it’s used in the right context.

Keith: OK!

Natalie: So, send your emojis, Keith.

Keith: And where can people go deeper with this material?

Natalie: Yes! I’m so glad you asked. We have a new e-book. It’s called The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers. It has literally everything that you need to get started with Texting for Business.

So, from choosing the right tool for texting all the way to training your team, learning the etiquette, legal and compliance—everything you could possibly love.

Keith: Here’s the link.

Natalie: Check it out.

Natalie: That’s not my dance move, either. I have way better dance moves than that.

Keith: (Laughs)

Natalie: I’m serious!

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