5 Reasons Why Texting Works for Wedding Vendors

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Weddings are beautiful events. So beautiful that people often forget the stressful hours that businesses spend coordinating, planning and making sure everything is perfect for the couple’s Big Day.

With all the appointments that are scheduled and rescheduled and all of the budgets, wish lists and last-minute design input, how can wedding vendors reach their busy (and stressed) brides and grooms?

If your calls aren’t landing anywhere but the customer’s voicemail, and your emails are lost even with the little red flags, it might be time to add texting to your communication strategy.
Here are five reasons to say “yes” to Texting for Business:

1 . Texting can help you land the customers who find you online

It’s a digital world with digital wedding plans out there. Hashtags, online registries, event websites—young couples are turning to the internet to map out their vision for a perfect wedding.

According to the 2019 Newlywed Report by Wedding Wire, couples do 80% of their wedding planning online and 39% of that is from mobile devices. They’re not just liking the occasional Instagram post or adding photos of cakes to their Pinterest board for inspiration. This is an active battle plan full of online research, reviews, portfolios and information that needs to be crosschecked with friends, family, budgets, calendars and to-do lists.

Mobile search can also be a huge benefit for local vendors looking to increase their visibility. Within the last year, the “near me” filter option for dress-related searches jumped up by 600%.

Customers rely heavily on their smartphones to find the best vendors and organize everything for their big day, which means that the phone becomes one of the fastest points to get from A to B, or in this case from “find” to “contact” your business.

Why not make it easier for them by giving them the option to “text or call” the same number? Or make it even simpler by adding a Click-to-Text button on your Instagram business profile or website.

Business texting can keep the customer’s momentum going when they have questions about things like a vendor’s hours or products, while still giving them control over the pace of the conversation.

2 . Consumers prefer and prioritize text messages

We know it may sound like letting the customer control the pace of conversation will end with them never replying. But data tells us that’s not actually what’s happening.

Instead, we’ve found that 83% of consumers respond to their texts within 30 minutes. Plus, 74% of consumers report having zero unread texts on their phone. Consumers are reading their texts because texts are meant to be read quickly and easily—they’re a high priority medium.

That’s good news for any business that sends delivery confirmations, payment notifications and appointment reminders.

3 . Personal and fast responses add value to your business

Texts encourage a response because texting is a conversational medium, so it’s frustrating to be left hanging or unable to respond. After all, who hasn’t suffered through the annoyance of crafting a long and detailed text only to get a “K.” in response?

One-way texting is a bit like that. It’s fast, but it won’t allow for easy back-and-forth conversation. And that defeats the purpose for an industry that needs those communication lines between customers, consultants and vendors to be open to see if that venue on the lake is available, if these flowers are right and if the bride’s aunt is gluten-free on principle or has celiac disease.

text message example between a customer and wedding florist

Two-way texting, on the other hand, encourages those conversations without sacrificing speed. By using features like blind carbon copy group messaging, dynamic fields and automation, wedding vendors can touch base with more people and still add personal touches.

Customers appreciate a business that responds to their messages. It adds value and makes for a better experience.

Business responsiveness is listed as one of the top five priorities for couples when choosing a wedding vendor. Your customers need to know that you’ll be there when the stress ramps up and that wedding date draws near. A responsive vendor is a valuable vendor that not only listens to customers, but can be proactive when confirming decisions, delivering updates and coordinating schedules.

4 . Texting for Business creates a centralized platform for your conversations

Weddings involve a lot of parties– beyond the bachelor and bachelorette– which means there are a lot of conversations surrounding any decision. When everyone’s got a say and a budget, it’s helpful to keep records of the process with all its price estimates, layouts and last-minute changes. Managing these conversations can be much easier and more secure with Texting for Business software.

For one, you can stop comparing notes on fragmented customer texts from employees’ personal phones. Using a personal phone to communicate with customers individually isn’t best practice for compliance or security. It’s also inefficient and allows for zero oversight.

Instead of tracking down whoever last spoke to the bride, wedding vendors can keep track and organize customer conversations in one secure place.

Texting from a central platform, linked to one 10-digit phone number, keeps your business communication consistent. It helps streamline the information shared within your team so that you can coordinate your next move and build better relationships and experiences for your customers.

5 . Texting saves you time

Coordinating with vendors, venues, consultants, friends and family members takes up a lot of time. The back and forth may be expected, but when something only requires a “yes” or “no” answer then playing phone tag for a half hour will only serve to frustrate you and your customers.

That’s exactly the sort of problem that can be solved by a text. By integrating Texting for Business software with the tools and CRMs you use every day, you can improve your workflow and cut down the time spent waiting on hold.

One of Zipwhip’s customers, Complete Weddings + Events, took advantage of the speed and consumer preference for texting to reach their soon-to-be brides during the workday. Don Schneider, the director of sales and marketing at Complete Weddings + Events, said his teams save 15 to 20 hours per month texting instead of calling their customers.

That’s time that could be spent working with the wedding planners and caterers, reaching out to clients who expressed interest in your services or products online and growing your business.

Texting for Business allows wedding vendors to help their customers get from Pinterest boards to the very real wedding of their dreams.

Curious about how you can use texting to streamline your business?

Check out our free e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers.

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