25 Text Templates for Grocery Stores That Improve Customer Loyalty

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Consumers weigh different factors when deciding where to shop for groceries. The most important being convenience, prices, product selection and the feeling they get when in the store.

Grocers can improve customer satisfaction and increase engagement by using SMS as part of their marketing and communications strategy. Close to 60% of consumers say texting is the fastest way for a business to reach them (2021 State of Texting).

Texting helps build loyalty and turn shoppers into buyers by providing the simple, frictionless experience they expect. Mobile Marketing reported that consumers who receive SMS marketing messages are 40% more likely to convert to shopping at a location than those who don’t.

Zipwhip helps grocery stores scale personal engagement across all departments and all locations through two-way texting with customers. Choosing a texting platform that offers this type of conversational messaging can differentiate your store from the supermarket down the block.

Grocery text templates save time and increase customer engagement

Templates give supermarkets and other grocery retailers the option to send the same message again and again, which increases employee productivity. Templates are especially useful for sending reminders and alerts.

Grocers can pre-draft messages to use for customer service, internal communications, HR and various departments including pharmacy, deli, bakery and floral. Grocery store text templates can be created quickly and edited easily and used for group messaging or one-on-one communications, where two-way conversational texting is most helpful.

Combining a template with a Keyword ensures that customers always receive a message that is on-brand and includes information they’re expecting. Keywords can be used to answer common questions, run promotions and more. The example below shows how when a customer texts the Keyword “REWARDS” to the store’s text line it triggers an automatic reply.

Text Template for grocery store rewards program

25 copy-and-paste text templates for grocery stores

Texts can simplify order fulfillment for online shopping by sending delivery and pick-up notifications. Grocers can also increase transaction value with product and re-stock announcements. Text messages increase customer interactions with loyalty programs and coupons for all customers whether they choose to shop online or in-store. Texts also streamline employee communication, including recruiting and hiring.

The following grocery templates can be copied and pasted into any business texting software. To edit a message, simply replace any details with information that fits your grocery store’s needs. Words in brackets denote Dynamic Fields, which work with Zipwhip’s business texting software.

Grocery text templates for in-store and online shoppers

Floral department

Text template for floral department
Order pick-up reminder
Hello, [First Name]. Your flower arrangement is ready for pick-up. Would you like to add chocolates and/or a card with a personal message?

Product discount
Celebrate the 4th of July and SAVE 15% on red, white & blue tabletop floral arrangements. Shop early for the best selection. Offer ends 7/4.

Inventory question
Thank you for inquiring about our selection of tulips. We have pink, purple, yellow, orange and red colors available. Choose from 15 stem or 30 stem bouquets with or without a vase.


Bakery text template
Order ready notification
Hi [First Name], your custom birthday cake order is ready. 🎂 When you get to the bakery department, we’ll bring it out to you. Please arrive by 7 pm.

Order follow-up with product promotion
Thank you for ordering a birthday cake from our bakery. We hope you enjoyed it. Just a reminder, we have a delicious assortment of pastries, cookie platters and sweet breads available every day.

Product discount
Stop by our bakery for a special BOGO offer on raised donuts. Buy one dozen and get another dozen free! Hurry, offer ends tonight at 10 pm. Valid while supplies last.


Pharmacy text template
Refill reminder
Hi [First Name], this is a reminder that it’s time to refill your prescription. Text or call this number to confirm your medication details. Pharmacists are available to provide assistance Mon – Fri; 8 am – 5 pm.

Prescription pick-up reminder
Hi [First Name], this is a reminder that your prescription is ready for pick-up in our pharmacy. Hours: Mon – Fri; 8 am – 5 pm.

Follow-up about medication
Hi [First Name], it’s been a few days since you picked up your prescription and we wanted to check in to see if you have any questions or concerns about food interactions. Pharmacists are available Mon – Fri; 8 am – 5 pm. Call or text this number for assistance.


Deli text template
Product discount
Save INSERT% on our delicious deli meats when you order one pound or more. Choose from oven roasted turkey breast, peppered roast beef, seasoned pork, and honey-glazed ham. Offer ends on 9/3.

Holiday promotion
Stop by our deli department and pick up ready-to-serve dishes for your holiday BBQ or picnic.

Special order notification
Hi [First Name], your order of 4 chicken pesto sandwiches, 8 chicken drumsticks, 1-quart potato salad and 1-quart macaroni salad will be ready for pick-up today at 12:30 pm. Thanks for your order!

Internal communications

Internal communications text template
Fill open shift
We have an open shift tomorrow from 10 am – 7 pm. Can you pick up the shift? Please text back ASAP.

Grocery store staff meeting reminder
Reminder: Staff meeting tomorrow has been moved from 11 am to 1 pm.

Hi [First Name], we are confirming your interview with our hiring manager on April 20th at 2:30 pm. Text this number if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you then.

Schedule training/onboarding
Hi [First Name], you’re scheduled for in-store training June 4th at 10 am. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Thank you.

Customer service

customer service template
After hours auto-reply
Thank you for contacting STORE NAME. Our INSERT NAME department is currently closed but we’ll respond to your message by 9 am tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

Loyalty program
Thank you for being a valued customer. Please use coupon code SAVE15 for 15% off your order in our deli, bakery or floral departments. Limit one use per customer. Offer ends 3/28.

Rewards program
Welcome to TrueFoods Rewards, [First Name]! We’re happy to have you as a member. Use promo code “12EggsFree” online or in-store for a free dozen eggs on us. Text STOP any time to opt out.

Customer survey
Thank you for shopping at STORE NAME. We would love your feedback. Could you take our brief survey? Click the link to share your thoughts with us. INSERT LINK.

Online review request
Thank you for shopping with STORE NAME. Could you please write a review of your shopping experience with us? Click the link to share your thoughts. We appreciate your time. INSERT LINK.

Grocery text templates for online transactions

substitution text template
Substitution question
Hello, [First Name]. Unfortunately, we’re out of red seedless grapes. Would you like to substitute green seedless grapes instead?

Order delivery
Hi [First Name], your online order has been delivered to [Address]. Thank you for shopping with STORE NAME. Reply to this text if you have any questions.

Curbside pick-up
Hi [First Name], your order #XXXXX is ready for curbside pick-up. Text this number when you arrive at our Order Pickup area and we’ll bring your order to you.

Re-stock alert
Hi [First Name], the [Custom Field 1] you have been waiting for is back in stock and ready for pick-up. Text us back if you’d like us to hold it for you in-store or simply order it online and we’ll have it ready for you when you get here!

Learn more about texting for grocery stores

In addition to the employees who serve customers in grocery stores, texting gives digital engagement managers, e-commerce managers, chief revenue officers and customer success managers ways to communicate with customers that meet or even exceed their expectations. Visit our Texting for Grocery page for more details.

To learn more about business texting, download The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers. This e-book also includes guidance about the TCPA and the importance of having customers opt in to receiving messages before businesses text them.

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