20 Free Gym SMS Templates (With Examples)

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Looking to boost engagement with your gym members?

There are many ways to incorporate texting with fitness. Using a business texting software’s automation and productivity SMS features can help you save time and improve your response rates, like these text templates for gyms.

From gym promotional messages and class reminders to wait list notifications and gym membership renewal messages, see how you can use this high-priority channel to improve your communication.

Best practices for texting fitness customers

Texting etiquette isn’t as fancy as it sounds, but it is important to follow these best practices when texting your clients and members.

  • Introduce yourself. Let your customers know who you are since they may not have your business number saved in their phone. Check out this quick overview of how to write an introduction text for more tips.
  • Keep the message short and sweet. Texting isn’t meant to replace an email. Its power comes from the quick and short format that encourages conversation.
  • Have a clear call to action. Whether you need them to call you or confirm an appointment, include those instructions in your text. That way your customer won’t have to ask for clarification, and you won’t have to wait long for their answer.

Learn more about texting etiquette here from Keith and Natalie or download our free e-book The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers.

And remember: You need to have permission to text customers before you message them! If you’d like to brush up on all things compliance, we have a free TCPA e-book to help you out.

Customize your gym text templates

If you’re a Zipwhip customer, just copy and paste the plain text versions of each example into your text window, then change anything to customize the message for your business.

Plus, you can take advantage of Zipwhip’s integrations with MINDBODY and ClubReady to streamline your workflow and improve customer retention by combining texting to the tools you use every day.

Now let’s get into the SMS templates for gyms.

Announce an upcoming gym closure

Whether it’s due to an emergency like COVID-19 or a holiday, you can proactively alert members about closures or cancellations via text.

text alert example of gym closure due to snow

Hi, [First Name]! It’s [My First Name] from BUSINESS NAME. Due to REASON FOR CLOSURE, the gym will be closed DAYS/TIME. Any classes you have scheduled will be automatically refunded to your account. Please text us with any questions!

sms example for announcing holiday schedule of gym

Hi [First Name!] It’s [My First Name] from BUSINESS NAME. Just wanted to remind you that we’ll be closed on DATES for HOLIDAY. We’ll be open again with our regular class schedule on DATE. Text or call this number if you have any questions. Thanks!

Send a gym opening message after lockdown (COVID-19)

Once your gym is ready to reopen following an emergency like the coronavirus pandemic, send your customers a text to let them know your open hours, safety protocols, etc.

Gym reopening message sample

Gym opening message

Hi, [First Name]! We’re excited to announce that BUSINESS NAME will be reopening this DAY. The gym will be limited to # people at a time and masks are required. Please text us with any questions!

To let members know how you plan to keep them safe as your gym re-opens, set up a keyword like SAFETY to trigger an auto-reply message with more information. You can share this keyword within your texts or on your website and social pages so members can easily find the information they want.

Gym reopening message with keyword

Gym reopening message

Hi, [First Name]. As we begin to reopen the gym, we’ll be following new guidelines to ensure your safety. Respond to this text with the word SAFETY for more information.

Send class and appointment reminders

Decrease no-shows and late arrivals by scheduling friendly class reminders to your members ahead of time.

text bubble with a hot yoga class reminder

Hi, [First Name]! Don’t forget: You’re registered for [Custom Field 1] at TIME today/tomorrow. If you need to cancel, just reply to this text. Otherwise, see you there!🔥

Send billing reminders

You can schedule billing reminder texts to inform clients about upcoming payments so they’re not surprised by a charge. Plus, two-way texting gives them the chance to ask questions.

text message with a billing reminder from gym

Hi, [First Name]. It’s [My First Name] with BUSINESS NAME. Just a reminder that your credit card on file will be charged [Custom Field 1] on DATE. If you have any questions, just reply to this message!

Fill last-minute class openings

Got an open spot for your most popular class? Fill it fast by letting the people on your wait list know with a text—83% of consumers respond to texts within 30 minutes.

text message alerting customer there's an open spot for a boxing class

Hey, [First Name]! We have an opening for today’s [Custom Field] at TIME. Want to take the spot and register for the class?🥊

Encourage fitness goals

In a Zipwhip survey, 66% of consumers said they would prefer to receive words of encouragement via text. Celebrate achievements and cheer on your members with a personalized message.

text bubble encouraging gym member attendance streak

You’re killing it, [First Name]! You’ve attended NUMBER classes this entire month. That’s no easy task. We’re proud of your dedication and you should be, too. Keep it up! 🙌

Send gym promotional messages and deals

Take advantage of SMS marketing to send gym promotional messages, including special offers, “bring a friend” promotions and more right to your members’ phones.

Personal training promo example

text message example with a special deal on personal training sessions

Hi, [First Name]! Don’t miss out on our summer savings on personal training sessions. Get fit with one-on-one help that’s tailored to your goals! Follow this link for more info: LINK

Gym retail sale example

sms example of a boxing gym announcing sale

A new year means new gear! 🥊 Our NAME OF SALE starts NOW. Stop by the studio this week for DISCOUNT off ITEMS.

Gym “bring a friend promotion”

gym bring a friend promotion

Hi [First Name]! Bring a friend any time during the month of MONTH and get AMOUNT if they sign up as a member! Tap the link to learn more. LINK

Send a gym welcome message

Keep your newest clients or members engaged with a simple welcome message to your gym or studio. Include a link to your class schedule, blog or anywhere else on your website that would help them get started on a positive note.

Gym welcome message

Hi [First Name]! It’s the team at BUSINESS NAME. Welcome to our studio! There are a few important community rules to note before you sign up for your first class. Please take a moment to review them at LINK. And if you have questions at any time, just reply to this text. See you soon!

Follow up with prospects

Don’t let a prospect run cold with back-and-forth scheduling. Instead, take advantage of MMS by attaching images of class schedules when following up with a prospect to get them signed up for that first class.

text message example of gym prospect follow up with attached picture schedule

Hi, [First Name]. Thanks for stopping by today! It was great to meet you. Here’s the class schedule for this week. Just let me know which one you’d like to attend, and I’ll get you registered. –[My First Name], BUSINESS NAME

Send gym membership renewals

Use texting to reach out to members and confirm their contract renewals. Not only do they get a reminder, but they’ll feel better about having a choice in the process.

sms example to confirm gym membership renewal with customer

Hey, [First Name]. It’s [My First Name] from BUSINESS NAME. Your [Custom Field 1] membership is set to expire on [Custom Field 2]. Would you like me to renew this for you with the card we have on file?

Answer frequently asked questions

Automated text responses can help save you time when it comes to frequently asked questions like membership rates or studio hours. A keyword can be used to trigger an instant response with the answers.

business text using keyword "rates" to prompt auto reply for pricing

Want to set up your own SMS keywords? We take you through the process step-by-step in this tutorial.

Send after-hours responses

Don’t leave your night owls (or super early birds) hanging. If someone texts your business after hours, you can create an Auto Reply to let them know you’ve received their message and that you’ll get back to them when you’re back in the studio.

text message example using automation for after hours text

Thanks for your text! You’ve reached us after normal business hours, but we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible after we open at TIME. Talk to you soon! ☀️

Requesting Google Business reviews

If you’re looking to up your game in local search, you can ask members to review you. We recommend you genuinely ask for feedback, not just a positive review. Read more about requesting Google Business reviews via text here.

sms template for gym requesting Google business review and member feedback

Hi [Custom Field 1]! Thanks for being a [Business Name] member for the last month! We’re always working to improve our classes and facilities to help you achieve your fitness goals, but we can only do that with help from member feedback. If you have a few minutes, could you leave us a review on Google? We’d really appreciate it. Thank you! [INSERT LINK]

Manage staff scheduling and internal communication

Business texting isn’t just for customers. You can also leverage the tool for internal communications to help schedule shifts.

example of business texts for staff scheduling

You can also use texting for gym announcements, coordinating between locations and communicating with franchisees.

sms template for gym franchise announcement

Hello, [Custom Field 1]! Don’t forget to tune into our monthly webinar tomorrow at 11 a.m. PST. We’ll be learning more about the best practices for texting customers and recap last week’s Seattle Fitness Conference. See you then!

Run contests and giveaways

Tap into the competitive spirit of your members. You can engage your members by creating SMS contests and giveaways. All they have to do is text in the keyword and you can organize and monitor the entries in your Message Feed.

text message example for a giveaway contest

🚨 Giveaway Alert! 🚨 WIN this PRIZE. Just reply to this text with the word KEYWORD and you’ll be entered into the contest. We’ll text the winner this Friday. Good luck!

Learn more about texting for fitness

We hope you find these gym SMS templates to be helpful in reaching your members. If you’re a gym or studio owner, manager, sales representative or class instructor looking to improve communication by texting clients and prospects, we’ve got you!

We created an entire guide tailor-made for fitness with industry research and use case examples. Learn how to implement texting for your gym, use proper texting etiquette and more in our free e-book Texting for Fitness 101.

Want to see more free text templates? Check out our post: 61 Text Templates Businesses Can Use Right Now

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