Direct A2P Network Connections

We have direct A2P texting connections with 17 wireless and wireline networks. Our platform is the backbone for high-TPS SMS, which means you can go to the source with unmatched message integrity and throughput.

Existing business phone numbers

We pioneered the idea of "text or call" on the same business phone number, which has been widely adopted by brands including Nestle, Butterball, and Jockey. Add landline texting or toll free texting to any existing phone number.

Secure texting without the spam

We have service-level agreements with all Tier 1 wireless carriers that support platform-level consent controls, CALEA compliance, message archiving and more. This means you can trust in secure delivery and limited potential for spam.

Replace your short code with high-volume texting on your existing toll-free number

Zipwhip is the only provider that offers carrier-approved high-volume messaging on real 10-digit phone numbers.

Zipwhip Texting App

Simple pricing
We offer one single price per message, what you see is what you get.

Streamlined process
Activate texting overnight, with no review or carrier approval required.

Dual purpose
Activate texting for your voice line to give consumers the choice to text or call.

Delivery assurance
Texting on toll free supports true device-level delivery receipts.

Features and Capabilities

Tap into a range of features and capabilities for texts and picture messaging.

unlimited texting

Delivery status

View handset delivery status so you can measure performance

Scheduled texting

Queue messages to be sent at a future date and time

Picture messaging

Send and receive multimedia files with cross-carrier MMS

SMS concatenation

Don't limit yourself, send texts that are over 160 characters

admin controls 3

Throttle rate

Send quality texts reliably with industry-leading SMS throughput

Delivery receipts

Better delivery receipts than short codes, with true handset delivery verification

Using the Zipwhip API

Once you know how to send a message, save contacts, and track conversations, you're going to want to start receiving messages from coworkers and consumers.

Supported languages

Zipwhip's APIs are available in Java and Python, or you can follow our cURL API which gives you a blueprint for all of our web calls.

Ways to receive messages

With Short Polling you choose the interval and only query when it's important to you. Or, using Web Hooks, our server will automatically POST to your server with the changes pertaining to your account.

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Provisioning API

Zipwhip's provisioning API allows you to create your own provisioning process and application for adding text messaging to existing telephone numbers.

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