Programmable SMS

Transform your idea or business with the API that offers unmatched message integrity, throughput and reliability.


Go Directly to the Source

We offer an approved direct path for A2P texting on toll-free numbers. It’s no wonder we’re the preferred API of industry leaders.

Reliable Delivery

With direct connection comes real handset delivery confirmation, allowing you to accurately measure performance.

Fastest Throughput

Our platform is the backbone for high-volume, commercial SMS, which means unmatched delivery speed and message integrity.

No Need for New Numbers

Text-enable your existing business phone numbers. With instant provisioning, the option to “text or call” can be available almost immediately.

"Texting is hands down the best way to reach people in a timely fashion.  The ease of use and efficiency of Zipwhip’s Landline Texting API gives us the ability to integrate texting into our day to day recruiting and HR business processes.”

Bob Frank, CIO


Integrate messaging into your existing software platform with high throughput SMS and MMS messaging capabilities.


Programmatic needs

Notifications, Two-factor Authentication,
Alerts, Appointment Reminders, ioT

API Plus

Zipwhip API + Zipwhip Software

Pre-built embeddable components

Cross-platform storage

Signaling and synchronization infrastructure

Access to next generation technology advancements as they become available


A combination of both programmatic and conversational needs

2-way messaging with features for Tracking, Customer Engagement and Personalization

Compare Full List of Components

Are you a service provider for SMS access? Contact us to find out more about our A2P SMS Gateway.

Features & Capabilities

Two-way Texting

Send and receive text messages over our direct network to any phone.

Long-form Texts

Don’t limit yourself. Send texts over 160 characters.

High Throughput

Send quality texts reliably with industry-leading SMS throughput.

All Character Sets

We support all written languages, including emojis.

Picture Messaging

Send and receive multimedia files with cross-carrier MMS.

Ease of Use

We navigate all the carrier complexities so you don’t have to.

Delivery Confirmation

Best in market delivery receipts with true handset delivery verification.

Explore a short code alternative.

High-volume, carrier-approved messaging on real 10-digit toll-free numbers.

Your Existing Line

Simple Pricing

Instant Provisioning

Our API. Your Imagination.

Start programmatically sending messages almost immediately.