By Lauren Akamine

I’ll be the first to admit, before I started working for Zipwhip, I hated texting. Maybe hate is a strong word. But it didn’t seem personal and I didn’t like the back and forth. Plus, it’s clear society is at a loss for human connection and texting seemed to be a contributor. However, since joining the telecom industry and helping small businesses increase engagement with customers, I am humbled to say, I’ve been reformed.

I felt exactly like this guy when my car got T-boned.

What made me switch to the dark side? Convenience.

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Recently I was T-boned by a rickety old Subaru on my way home. It was an extremely nerve-wracking experience from the moment of the accident till the pick up of my car from the repair shop. To make matters worse, my insurance agent called me constantly throughout the work day and left 5 voicemails only for me to call her back and be greeted by her voicemail. As if it wasn’t enough to deal with that vehicle careening into my car, I had five voicemails to siphon through! Who checks voicemails anymore, anyway?

The phrase “time is money” speaks true to our lives every day.

Bottom line: don’t poke the bear. The incessant phone calls from my insurance agent were the last straw that made me reconsider my thoughts on texting. If you’re an insurance agent or even a small business owner, please put that phone down for one second and think. Phone calls and voicemails are disruptive. People are constantly on the move. If you want a quick immediate response that is not invasive, send a text. Your current and future customers will greatly appreciate you. Think about it, sending a text builds better rapport and makes customers feel like you actually care about them and their time.

Since the accident, I’ve had a change of heart for texting. Texting makes the process easier and less painful for you and your customers. It’s 2017 folks, why aren’t you texting?

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Lauren Akamine

Lauren Akamine

Lauren Akamine is the Insurance Industry Specialist at Zipwhip, a company that allows you to send and receive texts from your existing business number on any computer, smartphone or tablet. Currently Zipwhip partners and serves over 2,000 insurance agents including Farmers Insurance, Allstate, Nationwide and AAA Insurance.
Lauren Akamine