img_0337-jpgWe love dogs! It’s no secret that we’re a dog office (dogffice?), and some might even say dogs run the company. To that we say, “Woof.”

This week, we’re highlighting some of our favorite pups on the Dlog (dog blog):

#6 Zuka

Zuka wins the award for “Most Loyal.” She absolutely hates letting Matt out of her sight. Thank goodness she gets lots of pets and treats and belly rubs from everyone else in the office to tide her over until his return!


#5 Snort

Is there a piglet in the office? No, just Snort – Dan Westra’s pug. He is top-heavy, has a lopsided run, and is very compact, like a steam roller. Whenever he comes into the office we stop what we’re doing to give him a pet.

#4 Kya

Kya is built like a tank and loves to play with other dogs. If we don’t let her play she whines and whines. Her big smile and friendly demeanor make her a fan favorite!

#3 Zoey

Zoey (Mike’s dog) is the cutest gal in town. She’s half Rottweiler – can you tell? She has been known to get overly excited and throw up, so don’t feed her any treats!

#2 Holly

Holly takes a little while to warm up to new people, but once she does she’s the sweetest pup! You’ll often spot her carrying around her stuffed dinosaur. Come to think of it, Holly looks a bit like a dinosaur herself, with her long greyhound legs. #hollysoawkward


#1 Dakota

Dakota “Trash Bear” Larson, is Zipwhip’s MVP (most valuable pup). There are a lot of black labs in the office, but don’t get Dakota confused! She’s been with us from day one. Whether she’s digging in the trash or letting humans dress her up in silly outfits, Dakota brings great energy to the office every day.

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