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What a few weeks it’s been here at Zipwhip. When Frontier Texting officially launched last Monday, we waited for the stories to drop. The hard work was done.

James Lapic, VP of Dev Ops, was the first to congratulate in a company-wide email. “Many of you picked up things that are not within your normal realm. The team came together do whatever was needed for Zipwhip to not only deliver on time and within budget, but also to buff it to a shine in the process.  It’s a product that we should all be incredibly proud of.”

The Wall Street Journal and their blog Market Watch were among the wire services to pick up the jointly issued press release. With a significant customer base in Frontier’s regional markets like Connecticut, Upstate New York, and West Virginia, local outlets were keen to pick a story about a large regional carrier’s latest innovation. The tech and wireless communities also picked up on the story with features in Wireless Week,  Giga-om, and Light Reading.

“The successful marketing effort really hit home when both The Seattle Times and Geek Wire both published articles,” says John Larson, CMO of Zipwhip, “And though the US Men’s soccer team lost, with the fourth of July and a new partnership with Frontier, there has plenty to celebrate at Zipwhip, Inc.”




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