The following guest post is courtesy of Rebecca Lovell, Chief Business Officer at GeekWire. 

Last week GeekWire hosted the biggest, geekiest, sportiest summer bash you can imagine. We packed over 500 techies into the Showbox SODO, and featured three tournaments (intermediate ping pong, expert ping pong, and foosball) as well as pick-up games of GeekBall and Beer Pong (not to mention a golden ping pong scavenger hunt). Sound like a lot of cats to herd? You better believe it. That’s why we were thrilled to partner with Zipwhip on their Android-based texting technology to help us in tournament-wrangling.

Ahead of the big day, we gathered the mobile phone numbers of our ping pong players so we could easily communicate with them. Going into the event, our assumption was that this would be a back-stop…a last resort if our players didn’t hear announcements over the PA, or we couldn’t spot them with their glow-in-the-dark necklaces, or if our carrier pigeon never returned to home base. What we learned at the event itself was that the super-easy Zipwhip interface enabled us to communicate quickly and personally with each of our players. As our tournament manager announced the upcoming games, our newest geek on the GeekWire team (Emily Shahan) sent out messages to each player wishing him/her luck and announcing their game times-right from her laptop. One of our intermediate players, Teddy Choi of Zillow, even credited his first win to Emily’s encouraging text!

We were delighted to use the Zipwhip platform to serve as such a quick-and-easy extension of customer service at our event. We can’t wait to see what the Zipwhip team cooks up next (group texting on the consumer to consumer product?  hope so!).

-Rebecca Lovell


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