We’ve had a lot of fun with Textspresso this past month. Almost overnight it became part of our company culture and helped us show off our software applications to thousands of people. It’s been featured in 50+ online articles and our video on YouTube has been viewed over 21,000 times.

However, what really made us feel like we’d entered into the realm of tech pop culture was when we saw this comic strip made by The Linux Foundation. In addition to being really funny it accurately depicts daily interactions here at the office. When we’re not working we’re texting. When we’re not texting we’re drinking coffee. We’re addicted to both. We’re going through about 5 pounds of beans a week! But jittery? We’re not jittery! Who said that?

We’re now back to the business of bringing our apps to the masses. We’re involved in some really fun projects this summer that we’ll be telling you about soon. In the meantime tell us what you think about the comic and the Linux operating system in the comments. It’s time for some more coffee.

Here’s to beans!


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