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Zipwhip supports powerful, personal conversations between people and businesses.



Today’s consumers prefer to communicate via text, rather than by email or phone calls.


Your customers won't need to download an app to message you, they can text.
real time


For immediate, high-priority communication that fits into people's busy lives.
high priority


Have natural, convenient two-way conversations with your customers.

It’s a great way to get an immediate response when it's really needed.

Zipwhip Customers

Over 20,000 businesses use Zipwhip. See who they are and how they use texting to connect with their customers and create stronger relationships.

Landline Texting

We created the business-texting ecosystem and established carrier relationships that enable landline texting today. See how it works.


Zipwhip integrates with leading software applications to make your work more efficient and give your team more options.