Finally, you can
text enable your
existing landline

Send and receive text messages using
your existing landline number.

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How it works

Text enabling your existing landline number has finally become a reality! Whether you're interested in text enabling your existing residential or business landline number, it works the same way. When a friend or customer text messages your number, the message shows up on whatever internet-connected device you're using at the time, i.e. your computer, tablet, and soon your TV. All texting occurs on these devices.

  • A mobile user sends a text
    to your existing landline.

    They're likely already doing it - you're
    just not receiving their messages!

  • It appears on your existing
    computer or mobile device

    We're not kidding. You really don't
    need any new equipment of any kind.

  • Send a return text back
    to your friend or customer

    Check your messages from
    anywhere, even if you're away.

Text with Any Internet Enabled Device
  • Desktop

    Once you get your first desktop
    message, you'll understand the
    power of Zipwhip cloud texting.

  • iPad

    Your iPad isn't just for games
    and browsing anymore. Now
    you can text your friends, too!

  • Tablet

    Don't just read news and play
    games on your Android tablet,
    stay in touch with your friends.

  • Web

    Sign up online now and never
    be without your text messages.

Fast and Easy Texting From Your Computer or Tablet

Zipwhip text messaging supports all web browsers, all desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), iPad, Android tablets, Amazon Kindle, and even Windows 8 desktop.

Web and desktop applications shown below:

Text Enable Your Existing Business Landline

"Scheduling appointments
has never been easier.
We simply send out a
text reminder and setup
an appointment via
text. Our patients prefer
it and so do we."

- David Cray,
   APEZ Dental, Basking Ridge, NJ
Your customers want to text your business.
Let them.

Business-class text messaging from Zipwhip turns on the text messaging channel for
business landlines so that you can send and receive text messages from your
desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. In short, we give you the power to connect
with the growing community of customers who choose text messaging as their first
means of communication.

Adding text messaging to your voice-only line helps you handle orders, remind
customers of appointments, and answer customer inquiries. Customers will love the
convenience and your business will be better for it.

Reasons Why Your Customers Want to Text You

Promote Your Business by Inviting Customers to Text You

Customizable marketing materials show your customers you're putting them first by letting them contact you by text message.