Desktop Texting App for Mac

The world's most advanced and easy-to-use
desktop texting experience.

With its no-instructions-needed interface, you'll be an instant Zipwhip
believer when you receive the first text (SMS and MMS) on your desktop.
It will change your life.

The Zipwhip Desktop app is a real game changer. You can finally get all of your texts directly on your PC. You can reply to your texts easier than ever before. There's no need for a browser to be open because the app sits in your system tray and is always on. Why didn't anyone do this before?

Receive photo and video
texts (MMS)

There's nothing more fun than getting a great picture or video from your friend. Why shouldn't you be able to see this on your desktop? Well now, you finally can. Zipwhip let's you experience your MMS like never before. You can even click on the image to see it in full resolution and save it for later. MMS on your desktop is truly a stellar experience.

Get your texts popping up on
your desktop

The moment a text hits your phone it also hits your desktop. The Zipwhip network is so well-engineered that your text message usually pops up even before your phone notifies you. Never fumble around anymore pulling your phone out of your pocket to reply to a text. Your message from your friend is right there waiting for you.

Quick reply inline

There's nothing more luxurious than typing a 160 character text message from your full keyboard. We all love our phones, but once you experience replying to a text right from your desktop, you'll never want to go back. It's a true game changer.

Send a new text

Sometimes you want to quickly fire off a new text to a friend. With the Zipwhip Desktop app it's never been easier. Simply right-click the "Z" icon in your system tray and choose "New Text." Enter your contact's name in the To Box. We make sure that the contacts in your phone's native messaging app are synced to our app. Compose your message and hit send. It's now easier than ever before.

Use your own number

Your main mobile number is one of the most important identifiers in your life. The texts you receive on your desktop are texts being sent to your mobile number. When you reply to your friends, those replies are coming from your main number. We like to stress this point because there are different ways to text out there and different products are on the market, but none of them lets you text seamlessly under your mobile number the way Zipwhip does.

Mark your text read by swiping

Zipwhip has gone the extra mile to give you a perfectly seamless texting experience between your desktop and your phone. Simply by swiping over a text on your desktop we mark the text as read on your phone. That way when you are back on your phone you aren't being fooled into thinking you have unread texts. We think this is an extremely important aspect of text messaging and there was no way we were going to leave out this detail.

Full contact sync

Your phone's contact list is your real friend list. It's a central part of our lives. Until now it's been stuck on our phone. Zipwhip has put a lot of energy into getting that contact list available to you on your desktop. Now when you receive or send a text, your contact list information is available so you can see who texted you easily or compose a new text to one of your contacts.

Delete texts from your

Sometimes you may want to delete a text message. We give you an easy way to do this right from the popup bubble. We make sure that text is deleted everywhere including on your phone. Never worry that a delete is not a full deletion on every device you text from.

Read a text on your phone and
it disappears from your desktop

Zipwhip makes sure that you truly have a seamless texting experience. If you step away from your desktop, your texts still show up there, but if you mark it as read on your phone we remove them from your desktop so you're not annoyed by them when you get back. If you read the text on your phone, we immediately remove it from your desktop. When you get back to your computer there is no popup bubble waiting for you and causing you to read the same text a 2nd time. This is the way cloud texting should work and it does with Zipwhip.

Privacy mode

SMS is a very private medium. We recognize this fact. Getting your texts on your desktop is great, but sometimes your desktop screen can be too public of a place. Imagine if you are in a screen share session, you may not want your private texts popping up for your friends or co-workers to see. We solved this problem by giving you Privacy Mode. You simply right-click the system tray app and choose Privacy Mode. Your popup bubbles will no longer appear but you will still see an unread message counter so you know you have waiting messages.

Contact list faces

One of the really cool features of Zipwhip is that we show you a picture of your friend when they text you. If you want your friends to see your photo, you can simply upload it and it is publicly shared for all of your friends to see it when your texts arrive on their desktop. If your friend is also a Zipwhip user, they can share their photo. We take care of all the details to make sure they appear in your popup bubbles. The more friends that use Zipwhip, the more pictures you get to see.

Integration with our Web app

The Zipwhip Desktop App was designed to work in concert with the Zipwhip Web App. When you "Open Zipwhip" from your system tray, we automatically log you into the web app so you don't have to. This makes jumping to past conversations even easier.

Auto app updates

We want to make sure you always have the latest features. The Zipwhip Desktop App is always checking back to the Zipwhip network to make sure it is always up to date. When an update is available it lets you know by placing a menu item into the system tray. You can either click it to immediately benefit from the updates, or the next time you restart the app or your computer the updates will automatically be available.

Know your phone is connected

Zipwhip is committed to taking care of your texting experience. To send and receive texts from your desktop your phone has to be on and connected to the Internet. Sometimes your phone's connectivity can be not-so-perfect, especially if you are in a weak data zone. To make sure you always know your texts are going to work, Zipwhip passively notifies you if there's a problem. Your system tray icon will indicate a red antenna. This means your phone is not connected to the Zipwhip network. Zipwhip helps you troubleshoot the problem so you can get back to texting from your desktop.

Forward to other friends

Zipwhip gives you a quick option to forward a text message to another friend. When you click the forward button we open up a new text compose window with the message already populated. You simply type in your list of friends you want to send it to and fire it off. There's never been an easier way for a text message to go viral.

Always signed in

The Zipwhip Desktop App runs in the background without you ever having to worry about it. It keeps you logged into the Zipwhip network and is constantly taking care of making sure it is connected. If you are using a laptop, Zipwhip makes sure that if you lose Internet connectivity, for example while being on an airplane, that it seamlessly reconnects when the Internet is available again. All of your missed messages will still show up once you are logged back in.