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Forbes- Helping Fight Against Disruption-- Zipwhip Avoids the “Uber Syndrome”

When I talk about the disruptive impact of new technology approaches, it is often couched in terms of a new entrant disrupting...


Geekwire- Frontier Inks Partnership with Zipwhip

Businesses using Frontier Communications for their voice calling needs will now be able to send and receive texts with consumers thanks to a...



Cab Companies Leverage Zipwhip To Stay Competitive

Uber and other rideshare alternatives radically changed the landscape in the for-hire transportation sector. Their rapid...

Why We Continue To Text Instead Of Download

As smartphone sales continue to rise, the number of apps available to us rise as well...

7 Things You Need to Know on E2P Texting

With the unveiling of texting on toll free numbers last year came a lot of questions on how it’s different from texting...

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